10 Reasons To Choose The Omnium1 PEMF Mat Today
10 Reasons To Choose The Omnium1 PEMF Mat Today

10 Reasons To Choose The Omnium1 PEMF Mat Today

PEMF therapy can help restore the energy in our cells, enhance communication between our cells, and increase our cell’s ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients. The end result? Supercharged mitochondria, in as little as 15 minutes per day. But which PEMF device is the best to choose? 

The Omnium1 pemf mat is the most advanced PEMF therapy system available today. Here are 10 reasons why the next generation of PEMF therapy starts here.

1. Outstanding PEMF Value –

The Omnium1 2.0 is the lowest priced full body PEMF system available for home use. The fact that it also functions as a regular tablet simply serves to make the Omnium1 2.0 even greater value for money. There is no other system like it available.

2. PEMF Power –

Thanks to its unique and replaceable high performance battery, the Omnium1 2.0 is the only full body PEMF system that can operate independent of mains electricity. This is quite simply a game changing feature and signifies the next generation of PEMF technology. Once charged, the Omnium1 2.0 tablet is capable of powering up to 5 hours worth of continuous PEMF application, wherever you choose to go.

3. Recharged Mitochondria On The Go –

The Omnium1 pemf mat is the most versatile PEMF system available. And PEMF can help recharge the mitochondria within our cells, which means more energy when you need it most. The bespoke tablet, plus three ultra portable applicators, are perfectly equipped to deliver the outstanding benefits of PEMF therapy whenever and wherever you need it.

PEMF therapy can help recharge your mitochondria.

4. Ultimate PEMF Portability 

Thanks to an innovative folding system, the Omnium1 2.0 applicators will easily fold to fit into the Omnium1 travel bag, making the Omnium1 2.0 the essential choice for the frequent traveller.

Omnium1 Travel Bag
PEMF on the Go with the Omnium1 2.0

5. Future Proofed PEMF –

The custom made Omnium1 2.0 tablet is fully upgradable via WIFI, with regular app updates allowing users to fully benefit from advances in PEMF software as they occur, via the simple touch of a button.

6. Not Just PEMF –

Unlike any other PEMF device on the market, the Omnium1 2.0 also offers all the benefits of a regular tablet. Send and receive emails, watch videos or browse the web, plus experience the benefits of PEMF therapy, all from one device.

7. World Leading PEMF Technology –

Coming from the same family of systems as the world leading iMRS, the Omnium1 2.0 features two research backed waveforms; the triple saw tooth and square waveforms, providing wide ranging benefits for users of all ages.

World Leading PEMF Technology
World Leading PEMF Technology

8. Intelligent PEMF –

Just like the iMRS system, the Omnium1 pemf mat features a built in biorhythm clock, automatically adjusting and delivering the right frequency for the time of day that you use the system. It does all the hard work for you.

9. One Touch PEMF –

The inclusion of dynamic presets make the Omnium1 2.0 incredibly easy to use. Whether you wish to prepare for the busy day ahead, for sport and performance, or to unwind and prepare for sleep, the five Omnium1 2.0 presets automatically adjust the intensity during a session to meet your requirements.

10. Brainwave Entrainment Plus PEMF –

The Omnium1 2.0 has been designed to work seamlessly with the optional OmniBrain brainwave entrainment system. This allows research backed PEMF therapy to be simultaneously combined with the known benefits of brainwave entrainment, all controlled through one simple app interface.

Advanced Sound and Light Relaxation Technology

If you are considering buying a PEMF device the Omnium1 2.0 demands your close attention. To find out more about the most advanced PEMF system in the world please contact us.


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