11 PEMF research links that show low level PEMF is best for home use
11 PEMF research links that show low level PEMF is best for home use

11 PEMF research links that show low level PEMF is best for home use

If you are in any doubt about the evidence behind low level PEMF therapy, this blog will introduce you to a selection of the extensive PEMF research that has been carried out into this area and the very positive findings it has produced. Some say that there is not a “best” pemf device because we all have different health requirements. Whilst it is indeed true that we do all have different needs, when it comes to home use for the entire family, there is a “best” type of PEMF device to use. That type of  PEMF device is a low level PEMF therapy system and you can read about some of the reasons why here.

I have spent the past decade testing and carrying out PEMF research into the best PEMF devices for home use, and I have learnt that low level PEMF therapy devices are the most effective; for daily use, and for the needs of the entire family.

In addition to this, I have also spent many years looking for the best example of low level PEMF device to recommend to others. Without doubt, the best low level PEMF device for home use is the iMRS Prime system.

The importance of PEMF research

This is a crucial area to consider when choosing a PEMF mat for home use. It can greatly inform how to both successfully choose the best type of PEMF device, and then to use it from home for very effective results.  There are a number of PEMF parameters to consider when carrying out research, and it is usually assumed that greater is better with PEMF therapy, but this is not the case when using PEMF therapy from home.

5 things you should know before buying a PEMF mat

It has been a long and detailed process of discovery, but there have been two main factors that have guided my decision my decision along the way:

Factor 1. PEMF Research Findings

There has been a significant amount of PEMF research carried out into the effectiveness of PEMF therapy, including a comprehensive four year study by NASA in 2003.

There are over three thousand published PEMF research papers, and many double blind randomised controlled trials which highlight the wide ranging health benefits of PEMF therapy.

PEMF Research – Why use Low Level PEMF Therapy from home?

The health threat of WiFi and Mobile Phones
The condition of Electrohypersensitivity

Low Level PEMF Research and Inflammation; The Benefits of 6Hz, 10Hz and 16Hz:

Coupling of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) therapy to molecular grounds of the cell

Richard HW Funk, 2018

NASA Low Level PEMF Research – Regeneration Benefits:

Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells.

Thomas J. Goodwin,Ph.D. Lyndon 8.Johnson Space Center, 2003

Low Level PEMF Research: “The Importance of the Biological Window”:

Biological Windows: A Tribute to W. Ross Adey (PDF)


More Pioneering Low Level PEMF research of Dr Ross Adey:

Electromagnetic fields, the modulation of brain tissue functions — A possible paradigm shift in biology (PDF)

W. Ross Adey

Neurological Low Level PEMF Research – The benefits of 5 and 7Hz:

Brief Communication: Electromagnetic Fields Improve Visuospatial Performance and Reverse Agraphia in a Parkinsonian Patient

Reuven Sandyk 2009

Low Level PEMF Research and Migraine – The Benefit of 16Hz:


The benefits of low level PEMF therapy on pain:

PEMF research and Pain 1 – The benefits of 5Hz
PEMF research and Pain 2 – The benefits of 5Hz

The benefits of low level PEMF therapy on bone health:

Osteopenia and osteoporosis PEMF research has shown that 15Hz can be very beneficial for helping reduce bone loss. What is interesting here, is that research has also identified that better results appear to come from combining this with lower intensity levels.

PEMF Research Bonus; The low level PEMF therapy effects on chronic inflammation:

This PEMF research blog would not be complete without references for perhaps the most significant negative contributor to our health today; chronic inflammation.

Thankfully, in this area there is a growing body of high quality research demonstrating that low level PEMF therapy (15Hz) is particularly effective for helping to combat chronic inflammation and the many conditions affected by this. We have Christina Ross of Wake Forest School of Medicine to thank for this. She has published 24 papers to date and her research is being increasingly referenced by other researchers in the field. Most importantly, her work is demonstrating that the PEMF parameters used by the iMRS Prime system have beneficial effects upon chronic inflammation. If you are looking for PEMF research that justifies your purchase of the iMRS Prime system for home use, this is it. You can read Christina’s low level PEMF research work here:


Factor 2. Observation of Effective Results

Having worked with many hundreds of clients using the iMRS series of devices over the years, I have witnessed countless examples of effective results.

“…for me the most welcome result was the positive improvement in my hands. Ten weeks into the trial, joint pain in my knuckles and fingers all but disappeared.”

Emma Crates, High50 Health Magazine, U.K. 

“I could not be happier with the product and the support I have received. Samuel recommended a start-up plan tailored to my needs and provided valuable feedback to issues I encountered. After just one month I am already seeing benefits to my sleep and general health.”

Robin Wagner, USA.

“My decision to purchase the iMRS is probably one of the most life changing decisions I have made….but you don’t just get the mat and it’s applicators, you get the advice and outstanding support from Samuel which is second to none. I presented him with various health issues and he has always been there to help me understand and guide me through the best bespoke programmes for my needs.  I am starting to see the benefits and am confident that my health will get better and better. ”

Helen Worsfold, UK

“I recently purchased a new iMRS 2000 Prime after 20 years of use with my old mat.  I found Samuel’s site via just searching around, and chose his site because it was very welcoming. Samuel spoke with me about the different products, and he was very responsive, well informed and knowledgeable, personable, and patient with all my questions.  The mat arrived within a week of purchase, and Samuel was available afterwards to help me out a bit with some things I didn’t understand.  The mat is incredible and I’m so happy that I purchased this through Samuel.””

Lynn Deutsch. California, USA.

“The iMRS Prime device enables your body to stay fit, healthy (and, I am told, young). It facilitates fast recovery from exercise and makes aches and pains feel better immediately. It is a fantastically functional device which has genuinely changed my life.””

Chris Smith, UK

I have spent the past 10 years searching for the best pemf therapy machine for home use. The iMRS Prime is the best. If you want to find out why, or if you want to place your order today at the best price, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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