5 things you should know before buying a PEMF mat
5 things you should know before buying a PEMF mat

5 things you should know before buying a PEMF mat

If you are looking to buy a pemf mat, you have probably heard about the many benefits that PEMF therapy can offer. To help you be fully prepared, we have put together 5 top tips that you should know before you buy a pemf mat. Here they are below.

You will also want to make sure you buy the best pemf mat, which is why we recommend that you take the time to read our pemf mat guide before making a decision.

Why should you buy a pemf mat?

The best pemf mat systems use low level PEMF therapy which has been shown to improve cellular energy and improve the way cells function. (Funk 2018) PEMF therapy can therefore play a beneficial and supportive role in the management of many health conditions. Ultimately the message is simple; if our cells are healthy, we are healthy.

What is PEMF therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a method of applying an electromagnetic field to the body. Research (Adey 1976) has shown that PEMF therapy targets the cells within the body, helping to improve the way they function.

Five things you should know before you buy a Pemf mat

1. Pemf Waveform: This is the shape of the pulsed electromagnetic field that is delivered to be body. Pemf mats use different types of waveform, but the best waveforms to look for are the square wave (best for healing) and the sawtooth wave (best for relaxation).

Pemf mat top tip: Look for Square waveform and Sawtooth waveform.

2. Pemf Field Strength: This is best described as the volume control of the pulsed electromagnetic field that is delivered to the body. It is often referred to as the intensity. Whilst we are often tempted to assume that greater is always better, this isn’t actually the case with pemf intensity. In fact, NASA research (2003) has shown that very low pemf field strength (1-20 microtesla) can lead to the best healing benefits.

Pemf mat top tip: Look for low intensity systems.

3. Pemf Frequency: This is the pemf information that is delivered to the body, and is probably the most important part of pemf therapy to understand. Again, research (Adey 1976 and many others) has demonstrated that less is more when it comes to pemf frequency. The work of Dr Ross Adey (1922-2004) highlighted an optimal frequency window of between 6Hz – 20Hz, and that cell benefits were created by pemf exposure up to 30Hz. For long term use, the best pemf mats should use low frequency signals. These type of systems are often referred to as “earth based” devices. 

Pemf mat top tip: Look for a low frequency or ‘earth based’ system.

4. Pemf Resonance Effect: This is the desired end result of combining all the right pemf therapy parameters together. Cellular resonance occurs when the cells in the body are stimulated to vibrate at their optimum rate. These excited cells then become negatively charged, and are able to take in nutrients more efficiently, and expel waste more effectively.

Pemf mat top tip: Look for pemf devices that can create cellular resonance effects.

5. Pemf Pulse: You may be thinking that static magnets can offer as many benefits as a pemf system. This isn’t the case. Whilst static magnets can certainly be helpful to many people over the short term, the body will eventually acclimatise to the constant magnetic signal. Pemf mat systems are active devices, which are designed to deliver varying signals to keep the cells in the body responding over the long term. The best pemf systems use features which regularly switch the magnetic polarity of the signal, and use a pemf pulse with a rapid rise and fall time. If you already find benefit from static magnets, you will very likely experience far greater benefits from using the right pemf system for your needs.

Pemf mat top tip: Look for a pemf system that switches pemf polarity and uses a pemf waveform (square or sawtooth) to keep the cells in the body responding over the long term.

To help you be fully prepared when buying a pemf mat system, we have put together 5 top tips that you should know before you proceed. If you have any questions about ordering the best device for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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