8 reasons to buy iMRS Prime PEMF system from Samuel Maddock Health 
8 reasons to buy iMRS Prime PEMF system from Samuel Maddock Health 

8 reasons to buy iMRS Prime PEMF system from Samuel Maddock Health 

If you are looking to invest in a PEMF therapy system for home use, you are about to make a very wise choice. And your timing couldn’t be better. Here are 8 reasons to buy iMRS Prime PEMF system from Samuel Maddock Health. 

4 reasons to choose the iMRS Prime PEMF system:

1. iMRS Prime Game Changer; The most advanced PEMF device available for home use

Whichever model of the iMRS Prime PEMF device you begin with, (there are five to choose from) your system can easily expand to adapt to your changing well-being needs over time. You may choose the brand new Hybrid Mat applicator. This combines cutting-edge Far-Infrared technology with PEMF therapy, for an unrivalled relaxation experience. Or you may prefer the Exagon Sense biofeedback accessory. This creates a wellness system that is truly personalised to your needs. You can also add brainwave entrainment sound and light technology via the Exagon Brain accessory to fully complement the many benefits of PEMF therapy. If that’s not already enough, advanced users and practitioners can even create their very own PEMF signal, courtesy of the additional signal generator included with the ‘Trial’ package.

2. Effortless iMRS Prime; Easy to use 

The fast start presets featured within the iMRS Prime PEMF system are a great way to effortlessly benefit from using earth based frequency and intensity PEMF therapy. You can let the system do all the work for you by selecting the preset that best suits your needs. Choose from options including: Activation, Performance, Regeneration, Relaxation, and Sleep. In addition, you can now choose a completely new program that features the Solfeggio frequencies and the well known healing frequency of 528Hz. Choose the iMRS Prime Expert model or above, and also benefit from a ready made catalogue of settings for 250+ health conditions. These apply to all of the PEMF applicators, so your PEMF experience really couldn’t be easier. 

3. iMRS Prime PEMF applicators; Designed for localised healing 

If you suffer with problematic joints and muscular tension points, the Exagon Pad and Spot are the perfect solution. Using a square PEMF waveform designed for tissue healing, the iMRS Prime applicators can be a remarkably effective way to improve old injuries too. The Pad and Spot are also ideal for use on acupressure points, or chakra energy centres.

4. iMRS Prime Split Mode; Two PEMF systems in one! 

The iMRS Prime features a brand new split mode. This allows two applicators to be used at once from a single control unit, each with their own unique PEMF settings. So, it is effectively two systems in one. Because two people can use it together at any one time, when you buy iMRS Prime, you get twice the value as a result!

4 Reasons to buy iMRS Prime from Samuel Maddock Health:

1. Our Approach; The best prices with the best service

At Samuel Maddock Health we specialise in helping our clients to resolve their persistent symptoms. To help achieve this we use our clinical expertise in PEMF therapy, functional medicine, osteopathy and energy medicine. We are a small, family run business led by experienced health practitioner Samuel Maddock. And we are based from our clinic in central Bath, UK. We ship worldwide, using your local currency and the same local distribution offices as representatives in your own country. So you always get the best prices when you buy iMRS Prime from Samuel Maddock Health, together with the best service. 

2. Our experience; Award winning practitioner

Samuel Maddock is an award winning osteopath. He has helped over 10,000 patients to resolve their symptoms in his private practice. Samuel has spent the last decade researching energy medicine and PEMF therapy, successfully introducing PEMF therapy into the lives of many hundreds of clients, from 17 countries around the world. Samuel also trains other healthcare practitioners and therapists to apply the principles of PEMF therapy successfully in their own practice. 

3. Our expertise; PEMF Therapy, Functional Medicine and Osteopathy

Samuel is an expert in the management of musculoskeletal disorders. He also has extensive knowledge of a broad range of health conditions and health related subjects. His training in functional medicine, nutrition and energy medicine serve as the ideal complement to PEMF therapy. Samuel is also a health writer and researcher, who is passionate about the health benefits that daily low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy can provide to users of all ages. 

4. Our PEMF therapy system choice; iMRS Prime PEMF Device

We have researched and tested countless PEMF devices for home use over the past decade. We have chosen to recommend the new iMRS Prime system quite simply because it is the best PEMF therapy device currently available. And because it is manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions (SBS). SBS stand head and shoulders above the rest of the industry, with a long and successful track record of producing world leading PEMF devices. This includes the Omnium1 2.0 PEMF device, our recommended system for those looking for PEMF on the go.  

The new iMRS Prime PEMF device is a game changer when it comes to enhancing your well-being from home. Contact us today and receive the best prices with the best service.

Still deciding which pemf machine to buy? Get in touch to arrange your own free personalised PEMF consultation and I will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have.


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