How much should a PEMF device cost for home use?
How much should a PEMF device cost for home use?

How much should a PEMF device cost for home use?

Searching for the right PEMF device for your needs is not an easy task, and answering the question ‘how much should a PEMF device cost’ is one of the most important questions to be asking.

It can be all be very confusing, and I personally understand this because this is how I felt when I began searching for a PEMF device for my family ten years ago. Many of the questions I was asking were not being answered, and it was a hard search. It is still the same today.

One of the main problems is that there is so much conflicting information out there. You may have visited a ‘one stop shop’ type PEMF website with many devices and many PEMF device cost options. You may have read claims that everyone has different health needs, hence the need to recommend so many different PEMF devices. Whilst it is true that we do all have a variety of health requirements, this position is based on the medical model of the body needing an overriding message in order to ‘correct’ a health condition. This is the opposite of a health promoting approach, which seeks to work with the body, not against it.

PEMF websites with multiple PEMF device cost options can be confusing enough, but they quickly become even more confusing when you realise that some of these websites have glaring omissions in terms of the PEMF devices that they recommend.

Samuel Maddock HealthAt Samuel Maddock Health, we are a small family company lead by an award winning osteopath and functional medicine practitioner. Our company focuses on health promotion and prevention of problems arising, using a variety of approaches. We are proud to wholeheartedly recommend the iMRS Prime PEMF device for home use, and we are one of the leading suppliers of this device in the United States and Canada.

A crucial component of our business is that our revenue is not entirely dependent on PEMF device sales, unlike the websites recommending many PEMF device cost options. We instead have a number of complementary services that work alongside PEMF therapy, including online functional medicine, health consultations, coaching, training and research. (In effect, we cover the entire health needs of your family, and this is available to you if you purchase an iMRS Prime system from us). This means we can remain completely impartial, and select the PEMF device we truly believe is the best PEMF device cost option for use from home.

If we discover a better PEMF device as a result of our ongoing research, we are free to change our recommendation. (By the way, we work with and recommend the iMRS Prime PEMF device because we believe it is the best PEMF device for home use. And because we know it is the result of continuous innovation and development by a leading manufacturer in the PEMF industry).

Why a PEMF Device for Home Use?

There is a key requirement that most people I meet want a PEMF device to satisfy; They want to use it from home! – They want to use it everyday, and they want their entire family to be able to use it. They want the daily wellbeing benefits of PEMF therapy, such as more energy, less stress, better sleep, and less pain. And they want these naturally! A good PEMF device for home use needs advanced PEMF applications to serve the broad health needs of a family, be easily upgradable and future proofed, plus with an interface that is easy to use.

PEMF Device for Home Use

If this is what you are also searching for, I can help.

Quite simply, this is why we do what we do; we help people find the best PEMF device for home use.

How much should a PEMF device cost?

This is a broad question, and one that is difficult to answer without a bit of refinement. But once these refinements are in place, the answer regarding PEMF device cost will quickly become clear.

There are three key PEMF device cost refinements to this question:

  1. Where do you want to use it? – ie At a clinic, or at home?
  2. How often do you want to use it? – ie Intensively over a short period of time? (Clinic location best), or for prolonged well-being promotion? (Home location best).
  3. What do you want to achieve? – ie Help treat a disease? (Clinic location highly recommended) or use for a range of well-being benefits such as improved sleep, more energy, less stress, and less pain? (Home location ideal).

PEMF Device Cost Price Range:


This PEMF device cost range includes cheaper home use PEMF mat devices that are really non-PEMF systems, in that they do not conform to the true  PEMF parameter requirements of frequency, intensity, waveform, and resonance. Many of these cheaper systems are not constructed in a way that can deliver pure PEMF signals, such as using cheap and flexible wire mesh rather than high quality tightly wound pure copper coils, or using a gem stone construction. Some other PEMF mats in this PEMF device cost bracket may appear comparable to higher quality alternatives on the surface, but on closer inspection the differences become clear. Some of these mats also stray outside the PEMF parameters most suitable for home use, by including frequencies above 50Hz. Whilst higher frequencies can be effectively employed in a disease specific approach, research has also shown that these frequencies can be harmful with prolonged use so are not best employed in a PEMF device for home use.

The other cheaper PEMF device cost options include portable higher intensity devices that are not really suitable for home use either, and often use cheaper materials or offer limited application options due to the PEMF device cost bracket that they are in.

PEMF DEVICE COST $4000-$8000

This PEMF device cost bracket represents the best value when it comes to PEMF devices for home use. Within this range, both the Bemer and iMRS Prime PEMF devices feature, and both are leaders in the field of PEMF devices for home use. Whilst the Bemer is a good system to consider, the regular iMRS Prime PEMF device promotions that are available, together with the sheer breadth of PEMF options, means this is where the outstanding PEMF value lies. Why? Because, if you are looking for a PEMF device for home use that is designed for the entire family to benefit from, and also designed to promote unrivalled well-being benefits of improved sleep, deep relaxation, greater energy and less aches and pains, then the iMRS Prime demands serious consideration.

There is of course another factor to consider, which is vital but not represented in the initial PEMF device cost. That is, the quality of the support you will receive regardless of which system you purchase. It is best to be wary of sales representatives who cannot easily answer your questions, or understand your health requirements. Also, be wary of larger scale distributors who simply do not have the capability of a one to one bespoke service.

At Samuel Maddock Health, your health is at the core of our business, and it is what we do day in day out. Because we are a small family run business, with extensive health expertise and experience, we are able to offer a bespoke one to one service with every single client that we work with.

In summary, you can expect to pay between $3000-$8000 for a great value PEMF device specifically designed for home use. In this category, the iMRS Prime represents the best value PEMF device cost option as a stand alone purchase option. But when combined with the complementary Samuel Maddock PEMF health package (worth $497 +) the PEMF device cost is simply unmatched.

PEMF DEVICE COST $8000-$20000

This PEMF device cost bracket generally contains systems that are not designed for home use, or for longer term use. These tend to be specialised clinic only systems, which require advanced practitioner training in order to operate. When higher intensity system use is indicated (such as in the presence of specific disease), it is always best to consult a specialist clinic for guidance and PEMF sessions. Systems such as the Teslafit Pro and PEMF 120 Desktop, are exceptionally expensive higher power systems which are not designed for individual home use, without the knowledge and training necessary to understand how to effectively and safely use these systems.

I have spent the past 10 years searching for the best pemf therapy machine for home use. The iMRS Prime is the best. If you want to find out why, or if you want to place your order today at the best price, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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