How to restore your balance with PEMF therapy; physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually
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How to restore your balance with PEMF therapy; physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually

The subtle energy within our bodies has tremendous power; it has the power to help us heal and keep us healthy. Our bodies are a complex and exquisite latticework of energy, but this energy must be in balance for us to feel well. Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself. BUT only if the subtle energy within us is in a balanced state.

  The five layers of body energy:

  1. Physical Energy Body – The first layer, which we consider to be our physical self. The physical body is made of intelligent energy, in the form of electrical, electromagnetic and subtle energies. These energies give our body life. Our life energy fills our physical body, helping it to take shape. Within this vital force is our thought energy, which we must learn to understand and control. Deeper to this is our intellect, through which we must develop our self-control.
  2. The Etheric Energy Body – The second layer is derived from the state between energy and matter (also known as the ether), and consists of tiny lines of energy arranged like a light blue and grey spider’s web. These lines form an energy matrix which pulses at between 15-20 cycles per minute. Our physical self is anchored to this layer and it is the etheric energy layer that provides the form of our body. It is thought to exist about 1-2cm from our physical self. The chakras of this layer are little vortices made of a net of light blue to grey light.
  3. The Emotional Energy Body – The third layer. This layer is the keeper of our feelings; from fear to joy and can be beat thought of as surrounding our etheric body. This layer can experience extreme emotions and it is believed by some that this layer contains different emotional centres, from the survival instincts of the root centre, to the heart centre which is connected with love and sadness.
  4. The Mental Energy Body – The fourth layer contains your ideas and beliefs, your personal truths and your perceptions. The mental energy layer consists of our mind and thoughts, which are sent out like vibrations.
  5. The Spiritual Energy Body – The fifth and final layer, also known as the soul, holds your higher awareness and is a massive network of highly intelligent energy. Although we all have a spiritual body, many of us are not aware of this layer. If we could see this layer, we would see it connecting to everything in existence. The spiritual body wraps around our physical body and is to be connected to this at the solar plexus. Through this connection our soul can help us to navigate through life.

human biofield

The Human Biofield

We all have an energy field that surrounds us, and it is a reflection of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The Human Biofield, also know as the Human Energy Field, has been described by Beverley Rubik PhD as “Mother Nature’s original Wi-Fi”.

The Human Biofield is the basis of a new communication system in biology, one in which invisible fields are transmitting vital biological information around our bodies via electromagnetic waves. The organisation of our Biofield is essential for our health, acting like a blueprint for both our physical structure and our well-being.

What is the evidence behind the Human Biofield?

Contrary to what we may think, there is a surprising amount of high quality research behind the existence of The Human Biofield. This research ranges from the pioneering work on Life Fields from Yale University’s Harold Burr, and Robert Becker MD’s groundbreaking studies into the link between electromagnetic fields and the growth, development and repair of living organisms, to Rubik’s more recent and extensive research concerning the Biofield itself.

The threat to our Human Biofield



Dramatic changes have occurred and are occurring in our environment; from chemical toxins to high frequency electronic technology such as 5G. And these changes are disrupting our subtle energy patterns that we rely on to feel well and be healthy.

The restorative effect of PEMF Therapy

Our bodies are comprised of many forms of subtle energy, and this need to remain in balance for us to feel healthy and connected to our true self. Blockages to this energy can have a profound effect on our well-being, at many levels.

When we are exposed to organised, natural energy patterns, such as low level PEMF therapy, disturbances can be resolved and returned to their original, organised and coherent states. This is the essence of homeostasis…

And PEMF therapy is the essence of long term, balanced and protected well-being. If you are yet to experience the many benefits of PEMF therapy and would like to learn more, please do get in touch


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