I want to buy a PEMF mat system. Which is best? 

iMRS prime basic set
The iMRS Prime is the best PEMF Mat UK system available today.

“I believe that PEMF therapy can help me but how do I choose the right PEMF mat system? I don’t know where to start.”

This is something we frequently hear at Samuel Maddock Health. We hear from those who have already spent many hours searching the internet and have become confused and frustrated by the daunting amount of information that they are faced with. We hear from those who are worried about buying the wrong system for their needs and wasting their hard earned money. And we hear from those who are worried that the company they buy from won’t have enough knowledge and experience to help them experience the benefits of PEMF therapy.

So, to make the process much simpler, we have put our many years of experience with testing and researching different PEMF systems into creating a guide that can help. Below you will find all the information you require to help you place the best PEMF mat order for your needs. 

PEMF Mat Buying Guide – What You Need To Know

In case you are new to the many benefits of PEMF therapy, we will start with the basics. We will answer the following questions ‘What are PEMF devices?’, ‘What does pemf help?’, and ‘How does PEMF work?’. We will then cover which PEMF mat system is best to choose, and why we recommend the new iMRS Prime PEMF system for anyone who is considering buying a PEMF device for home use.

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iMRS Prime Control Unit
What are PEMF Devices?

PEMF therapy devices deliver a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to the body. Many of these systems are mat based devices, which means they use a whole body-mat applicator that the user lies upon during a PEMF therapy session. PEMF therapy targets the cells of the body and can improve cell energy, leading to profound health benefits. 

There are many PEMF mat devices available today, which range from very low frequency and intensity PEMF models, to very high powered systems. We have researched and tested a great many of these PEMF systems and without doubt, the new iMRS Prime system is our favourite. 

If you believe in working with your body to help it heal, we think you will love the iMRS Prime too. More on this later. 


There are many benefits to using PEMF therapy. These include pain relief, better sleep, reduced inflammation, faster healing, more energy and less stress to name a few. PEMF therapy can also play a supportive role in a number of health conditions such as arthritis, ms, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s. 


Our cells are the building blocks of life, and the health of every one of us is governed by the health of our cells. There is simply no escaping this. But our cells are constantly subjected to stress, be it physical, emotional or energetic, which pushes them towards a state of dysfunction which ultimately can result in disease.

Keeping the trillions of cells within our body in a healthy state is not a passive process and we cannot take this for granted. Our cells need an active intervention to keep them healthy. 

They require energy! 

PEMF therapy can do just this and when delivered at the right frequency and intensity, PEMF can play a hugely significant role in keeping our cells healthy.

How does this work? 

When electromagnetic impulses of the appropriate frequency are applied to our cells, this can result in a process called cellular resonance (a vibration of the cell occurring at its maximum amplitude). When this occurs, the resulting stimulation of the cell’s membrane receptors activates a variety of functions within the cell, accounting for the widespread benefits of PEMF therapy.

Research has shown there is a ‘biological window’ of very low level electromagnetic frequency and intensity values which produce this effect within the cell. (Adey 1979). 

It is perhaps not surprising that these values are therefore replicated in the technology of the most effective PEMF mat devices available for home use. Outside of these PEMF values, not only are the beneficial effects downgraded, they can actually become harmful. This fact is most easily demonstrated today in our modern electronic environment, where we are seeing mounting evidence of the negative health effects of mobile phones, smart meters and WiFi.


There has been a significant amount of research carried out into the effectiveness of PEMF therapy. There are over three thousand published research papers and many double blind ramdomised controlled trials which highlight the positive effects of PEMF therapy across all frequency and intensity ranges, and for various diseases. 

Research also shows that the applied frequency, intensity and type of PEMF waveform are all crucial when it comes to an effective response. This is why PEMF therapy is used medically over a large range of intensity and frequency levels. 

There has been very interesting low level PEMF research published, which has demonstrated a positive response in a number of health conditions including osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, ms, and Parkinson’s disease in particular. (Sandyk 1997). 

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So, now we have established why we should use PEMF therapy, which device should we choose? 

There are a number of PEMF mat devices available today. To decide which device is best for your needs, you first need to consider what you want to achieve from PEMF therapy. To help our clients decide, we ask them to consider the following questions:

  • Do you want a PEMF system for daily home use? 

Low frequency and intensity PEMF is best for daily home use. 

One of the main reasons I personally use Swiss Bionic Solutions’ PEMF mat systems, and train other practitioners and clients to use their technology, is because of the PEMF parameters they use, which are ideally suited for everyday use.

Electromagnetic Fileds image
Low Frequency and Intensity PEMF Therapy is Best for Home Use

Low Frequency :

Research (Adey and Bawin 1976) has repeatedly shown that the cells in our body respond favourably to frequencies up to 30Hz. Research has also shown that as little as 50Hz can be harmful to our cells.

Low Intensity:

With regards to intensity, there is a lot of research that demonstrates that combined low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy can be extremely beneficial. NASA’s in depth PEMF study (2003) for example, identified best results between 1-20 microtesla, which is a very low level of PEMF intensity. 

  • Do you want to use PEMF to help rediscover vitality and prevent issues from arising? 

For longer term preventative use, we recommend the iMRS Prime system. The iMRS Prime is based on the long established reputation of the iMRS series of PEMF systems, and adds many new exiting features to this platform. The iMRS Prime uses low level PEMF therapy which works with the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, there are many long term benefits to using low level PEMF therapy. The iMRS Prime system is ideally designed for long term daily use, and is also especially effective where symptoms are related to stress, anxiety and long term overstimulation. 

  • Do you believe in working with your body in order to help it heal itself? 

If you believe that the body is capable of healing itself and wish to work with your body for lasting, long term benefits, you should give serious consideration to low level PEMF devices. We have tested the vast majority of these systems and recommend the new iMRS Prime system as, in our opinion, it provides the best all round PEMF therapy offering. 

  • Do you want to address a specific condition with a course of PEMF treatment?

If you are looking to override your body’s natural processes in order to help with high level pain management or a specific disease process, you may want to consider higher level PEMF therapy systems. It is important to best in mind that these systems are often not suitable for daily home use and need to be carefully applied with the guidance of a practitioner.


There can be instances where higher frequency PEMF application is indicated in a disease specific approach. However, research has demonstrated that the biological effects on the cell are much harder to predict, and the chances of over stimulation are greater, when higher frequency PEMF ranges (above 30Hz) are combined with higher intensity levels. The work of Professor Martin Pall at Washington State University, amongst others, has highlighted the negative effects of this combination and research into this area continues.


We have purchased, researched and tested various types of PEMF mat systems over the years. Both high and low powered systems, when used correctly, can very effective. The difference between low and high level PEMF therapy is akin to the homeopathic approach vs the symptom orientated allopathic medical approach. We specialise in low level PEMF therapy devices and we help our clients experience the many benefits of PEMF therapy from the comfort of their own homes. And if they need further support, we offer specialised PEMF consultations from our clinic in central Bath, UK. 

  • Do you want to buy from a manufacturer with a long and trusted track record? 

We are now seeing increasing levels of regulation and scrutiny coming in across the globe for all PEMF device manufacturers, which is a very good thing. PEMF companies are now being asked to provide substantial proof that their systems are effective and safe for the intended use being marketed. This will likely have a great bearing on the claims that some PEMF device manufacturers are able to make in the future. It will also ensure that only the most reputable manufacturers remain in business.

  • Do you want support and expert advice from a health care practitioner? 

At Samuel Maddock Health, we have the expertise and experience to help you. Samuel Maddock is an award winning osteopath, functional medicine practitioner, and experienced PEMF therapy practitioner. Samuel has helped over 10,000 clients to resolve their symptoms over his career, and has worked with many hundreds of PEMF therapy clients from all around the world. 

  • Do you want to travel with your PEMF system? 
Omnium1 Travel Bag
PEMF on the go with the Omnium1 2.0

For our clients that are looking for all the benefits of low level PEMF therapy on the go, we often suggest the Omnium1 2.0 PEMF device. The Omnium1 comes from the same iMRS family of PEMF devices as the iMRS Prime, but can be easily transported whenever and wherever you need to go. 

Which PEMF Mat Device should you buy? 

Our chosen PEMF Mat system is the iMRS Prime Device. Read on to find out why, and how it compares to the other PEMF systems that are available. 


iMRS Prime in use with Exagon Brain Entrainment
The iMRS Prime is the “world’s first six dimensional wellness system”.

The iMRS Prime is the latest version of the world leading iMRS PEMF device for home use. It has taken PEMF Therapy to a whole new level, with new PEMF settings, applicators, biofeedback, and even integrated Far-Infrared technology. The iMRS Prime is the world’s first “six dimensional wellness system”. To find out more or to place your order, please contact us today.

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iMRS Prime vs Bemer

Many of our clients ask if they should choose the iMRS Prime (also known as the iMRS 2000, or iMRS 2000 Prime) or Bemer systems. They are similarly priced PEMF mat systems but you simply get much more for your money with the iMRS Prime system. 

Here are four of the extras that you get: 

1. More effective waveforms

Sawtooth and Square wave as standard for the iMRS Prime vs Sinusoidal for Bemer. BUT if you decide you want to use another waveform, the iMRS Prime is capable of generating any PEMF waveform you desire. (Advanced training and certification required). 

2. More frequencies

Four frequency sets as standard with the iMRS Prime (0.5Hz, 3Hz, 5.5Hz, 15Hz) all within the optimum biological window for the cell of 30 Hz, vs Two for Bemer at 10 and 33 Hz. BUT again, you can create any frequency range you desire with the iMRS Prime thanks to the dedicated professional signal generator that’s included. (Advanced training and certification required). 

3. More intensity range

The iMRS Prime offers both a higher and also a much lower intensity option than the Bemer system. The lower intensity iMRS Prime settings are ideal for sensitive individuals, and fall in line with the remarkably effective picotesla PEMF intensity values.

4. Additional optional extras

The list of optional and upgradeable extras for the iMRS Prime is long. And this again sets the iMRS Prime apart as the best PEMF mat system available. From the Exagon Sense biofeedback and Exagon Brain brainwave entrainment accessories to the iMRS Prime iGUIDE database, you are spoilt for choice with this system. Add to that, brand new PEMF applicators and even a new hybrid mat featuring Far Infrared (FIR) technology, and choosing the iMRS Prime system becomes even easier. 

The iMRS Prime simply offers more value for money and more potential benefit than the Bemer system. For further details regarding the iMRS Prime system and our special offers please visit this page.

iMRS Prime vs Omnium1 2.0

Should you choose the iMRS Prime or Omnium1 2.0 system? Both use the same base PEMF technology, manufactured by Swiss Bionic Solutions. The iMRS Prime is certainly more advanced and offers more features than the Omnium1 2.0, so it is our PEMF system of choice for the home user. But the Omnium1 2.0 is great to use on the move. In fact it is the best PEMF system to use on the go. For this reason, some of our clients choose to have both systems, so they are never without the many benefits of daily PEMF therapy. For further Omnium1 2.0 details or to help you make the right decision for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

iMRS Prime vs MAS

Which system is right for you, the iMRS Prime or MAS PEMF mat system? The MAS system is more expensive than the iMRS Prime but does possess some similar features on the top models. However, for us that is where the similarity ends as the MAS system combines both high PEMF frequency and intensity signals. Not only does research show that combined high frequency and intensity is less effective, it has also highlighted some harmful effects on cellular DNA. (Pall 2013). The iMRS Prime is the only choice here.

iMRS vs Ondamed

Should you choose the iMRS Prime or Ondamed PEMF mat system? The Ondamed is a practitioner focussed high frequency and intensity PEMF device and is up to five times as expensive as the iMRS Prime. Whilst there are disease specific benefits to using high level systems, they are not suitable for long term preventative health use. The iMRS Prime is much simpler to use, designed for long term daily use, and is a fraction of the price. The iMRS Prime also uses intelligent biofeedback mechanisms not featured on the Ondamed, not to mention all the established benefits of low level, earth based PEMF therapy that the iMRS Prime can deliver. 

iMRS Prime vs OMI

This is a question we are increasingly asked. Should you go for the iMRS or OMI PEMF mat system? The OMI is a relatively new PEMF system with some similar features to the iMRS Prime. For this reason we have tested it extensively. Our main concern lies with the standard frequency range (1-99Hz), which is far greater than we would ever recommend to general users for a long term, mat based system. Whilst on paper the features and PEMF principles of the OMI look promising, it is in the application of these principles where it falls down. Only with advanced training should it be possible for users to combine higher frequency (above 30Hz) and intensity PEMF signals. (This is a feature of the professional iMRS Prime ‘Trial’ package, which requires advanced training and certification to access the higher frequency and alternative PEMF waveform settings).

The OMI is cheaper than the iMRS Prime so it does appeal to some users. But the build quality is not as good as the iMRS Prime, and ultimately you do get what you pay for with the iMRS Prime PEMF mat system. That is, a superior PEMF system in all respects. For more details of the iMRS Prime packages that are available please visit this page.  

iMRS Prime vs Curatron (Parmeds)

Which system is best, the iMRS Prime or Curatron PEMF system? Curatron offer a range of high intensity PEMF systems. Whilst there are benefits to using high intensity systems for pain relief, these systems rely on the principle that a high intensity signal is required for the cells within the body to respond. In fact, the opposite is the case. According to research carried out by Professor Martin Pall, our cells have the ability to act like transducers and amplify any EMF signal they receive by up to 7 million times! With this in mind, it is not difficult to see why high level PEMF systems have the potential to overstimulate our cells. 

If you are looking for long term, health promoting PEMF therapy, the iMRS Prime system is far better suited to your needs. For more details of the iMRS packages that are available please visit this page.


Should you buy the iMRS Prime or QRS PEMF mat system? The QRS mat based system has been available for a number of years and employs a relatively low PEMF intensity range, lower than the iMRS Prime system in fact. But it uses a vast range of frequency settings, way beyond the effective earth based 0-30Hz frequency range used by the iMRS Prime system. 

As we have previously discussed, research has shown that applying high frequency ranges to the body requires careful practitioner supervision as it can have harmful cellular effects. So we would recommend the iMRS Prime system every time when comparing to the QRS system. For further details of the iMRS Prime packages that are available please visit this page. 

Order the iMRS Prime today and save £1170!

This comprehensive guide has been designed to make sure you choose the best system for your needs when placing a PEMF mat order. This means you can save precious time searching for the answers, plus avoid buying the wrong system and wasting your hard earned money. Most importantly, it means you can instead focus on enjoying the many benefits that PEMF therapy has to offer.

If you have any questions or would like to order our recommended system, the iMRS Prime, please do not hesitate to contact us today.