iMRS Prime Expert Special Offer, Save £££ Today…

iMRS Prime Expert Special Offer, Save £££ Today…

The new iMRS Prime Expert PEMF device has now arrived. It packs a lot of exciting new features which make it a great long term investment in your well-being. This month is a great time to purchase the iMRS Prime Expert as it is available from Samuel Maddock Health with a fantastic saving of £1170. Contact us today to order your system at this greatly reduced price. 

iMRS Prime Cost and Available Models 

There are five models to choose from and prices start from £3215 for the iMRS Prime Basic model.

The iMRS Prime Expert Special Offer – Contact us!

Our best selling system is the iMRS Prime Expert system. To discover our special offer price for this month, contact us today!

The iMRS Prime Expert Package

All iMRS Prime models come complete with the newly designed iMRS Prime control unit and connector box, new fast start programs, and two PEMF applicators; the Exagon Mat, and the Exagon Pad.

The iMRS Prime Expert model is our best selling version of the system and includes all of this above.


  • The Exagon Spot Applicator – As the most powerful iMRS Prime applicator, it is perfectly designed for localised PEMF healing of troublesome joints and areas of the body. 
  • The iGuide Database – which features a catalogue of 250+ health issues, with optimal settings for supporting each condition. 
  • A new Split Mode – allowing for two applicators to be used at the same time. Which means two people can use two different applicators at the same time, each with their own individual settings.

iMRS Prime Cost – Best Prices in Your Country 

There are five models to choose from and prices start from £3215 in the UK for the iMRS Prime Basic model, ranging up to the top priced iMRS Prime Trial set.

For a full price list of all the iMRS Prime packages that are available, please contact us.

Please note that the iMRS Prime cost is always set by our manufacturer, Swiss Bionic Solutions, and every representative must abide by this price. So the price we quote is always the best price available in your country. We have local currency rates for the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. For the majority of Europe, our prices are quoted in Euros. If you are located in a country other than these, your price will be set in  U.S dollars. 

Our special offers… And our Service…

We always have the best iMRS Prime prices available, and we regularly feature special offers directly from the manufacturer like the one this month for the iMRS Prime Expert. What sets us apart from other representatives is the service we provide. We are primary healthcare experts specially trained in PEMF Therapy, Energy Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Osteopathy. So you can be certain that we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

We offer a comprehensive PEMF therapy consultation for any new client, and we offer unrivalled iMRS Prime training to help you get the most from your device.

Why the iMRS Prime Expert is a wise investment in your well-being

A high quality PEMF system like the new iMRS Prime Expert is certainly an investment in your well-being that requires serious consideration. It is not an impulse purchase…


A question I am often asked by my clients is…

‘Is a PEMF device a good investment in my  well-being? ’

I personally understand their question because it is exactly what I asked myself 8 years ago, when as a healthcare professional and already an experienced health technology researcher, I was preparing to purchase my first PEMF device for extensive testing and research. 

Having now researched, bought and tested many different PEMF devices over the years, I can confidently say that a high quality PEMF system like the iMRS Prime Expert is without doubt a worthy investment in your well-being. This is because of the varied and sustained health benefits it can provide, such as increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress and enhanced body-wide healing and repair.

But that investment decision only comes after you feel understood and listened to. I know this, because it was exactly what I was looking for. And it is exactly what I have learned that my clients are looking for, having successfully introduced PEMF therapy to many many hundreds of clients from all around the globe, each of them looking to make a carefully considered, long term investment.

This is why I take pride in listening carefully, taking the time to really understand the needs of my clients, and offering the education and support that they require in order to make the right decision for their health and well-being.

It is very interesting to note that the clients that ask me this question almost always go on to benefit greatly from using PEMF therapy. Because they have made a carefully considered, proactive decision regarding their long term health. And that is exactly what I would encourage all of my clients to do.

iMRS Prime Expert Cost Comparisons

These are the sums I did when I was working out the comparative cost of a high quality PEMF device, such as the iMRS Prime Expert.

Research has shown that on average we each spend an eye watering £38,000 during our lifetime in an attempt to get fit and look after our health.

Hidden retirement village fees are a notorious set back to this way of living retirement life. Research indicating that they can add £18,000 a year onto the cost.

Unused gym memberships alone cost the average Briton £429 per year. For absolutely nothing in return.

iMRS Prime Expert Cost – 5 year comparisons

Only one of these will be protecting your well-being.

iMRS Prime Expert – The world’s leading PEMF therapy device for home use. (Remember, your entire family can benefit from using the same system, and two members at a time with the new split mode!).

• Five year investment = £3215 / This equates to £585 per year / £0.80 each per day with two users sharing a system. 

• Daily Cappuccino – Research shows we spend on average £608.84 per person each year on our caffeine hit.

• Five year cost = £3044.20 / £608.84 per year / £1.66 per day.

• Daily Smoking – We all know the risks of this one, but do you know the costs?

• Five year cost (pack of 20 per day) = £23,232.25 / £4,646.45 per year / £12.73 per day.


This month is a great time to purchase the iMRS Prime Expert. For the best price available, contact us today. Not ready to buy? Watch our brand new webinar “5 things you must know before buying a pemf mat” today!


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