Use this Meditation Body Scan Technique to Enhance your Physical, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Strength
Mindfulness practice

Use this Meditation Body Scan Technique to Enhance your Physical, Emotional, Energetic & Spiritual Strength

There are many possible ways to view the entirety of our body; From the physical to the energetic, to the spiritual, depending on our beliefs. There are also many ways to develop our ability to perform a meditation body scan technique. This blog explores how you can combine both.

We are all seeking inner strength and resilience

What is a universal truth, however, is that we are each in our own way seeking the strength, balance and resilience to be able live our lives to the full; We are searching for inner strength.

But there are many challenges that stand in our way, and threats to our well-being from our environment. With the introduction of 5G technology, our modern high frequency electronic environment is placing significant stress on our body.

So how do we build our resilience, develop our awareness and resolve any disruptions we encounter, despite our environment?

How to build inner strength and resolve disruptions in an easy and accessible way

There are leaders and masters in this field, with many many years of experience and wisdom. But when we are looking to begin our practice of body scan meditation techniques, it can seem daunting.

What follows is a simple meditation body scan exercise that can be a helpful way to begin. From here you can develop your own approach and integrate your beliefs as you wish.

A quick note on PEMF therapy and meditation 

Are you are reading this in what could be termed a hostile electronic environment Is this disrupting your ability to meditate as effectively as you would like? If so, PEMF therapy can help protect your well-being, allowing you to meditate in an energy field that is the ideal environment for your body. We will look at this in a little more detail shortly.

The meditation body scan technique

Please note, for those seeking further guidance on how to meditate, it is always advised to consult an experienced practitioner in this field. 


  1. Ensure a safe, comfortable and warm environment, free from distractions.
  2. Find a comfortable seated position, with your feet in connection with the ground, and your hands resting on your thighs. (Either palm down or palm up).
  3. Remain safe; Don’t completely immerse yourself. Keep half of your awareness on the room you are in; such as any background smells or sounds. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, stop and return your focus to the room around you. Then get up, move around and only return to the exercise if and when you feel ready.


Start by noticing the contact of your feet on the ground and begin a simple body scanning awareness exercise, working up through your body. The aim here is to gradually develop your felt sense; To notice. but not judge, what you are feeling. 

  1. Then, as you go, ask yourself a very simple question; Where do I feel inner strength? This may not appear as an obvious area initially, but just notice any area of your body that you are drawn to.
  2. Once you have discovered an area you draw strength from, pay attention to it and observe how you feel. Take it slowly, and give this area an opportunity to grow.
  3. As you become familiar with this area, this can serve as an anchor point from which you observe the rest of your body.
  4. Then, when you are ready, ask yourself ‘“Do I sense any disruption or blockage to my inner strength?”.
  5. If you are drawn to a problem area, again just observe this and note how you feel. You may feel uncomfortable, heavy or unsettled to begin with.  If you can tolerate this feeling, remain calm and observe. If you find it too much, return to your inner strength area until you feel comfortable again.
  6. If you needed to move back to your area of strength, when you are ready, return to the problem area you have identified and notice again how you feel.
  7. You can now begin to move gently between these two areas (the felt sense of inner strength and disruption), noting how you respond. You may notice that the sense of blockage or disruption begins to ease as you alternate your awareness between the two areas. If it doesn’t change, simply move away from this area and return again the next time you practice this technique. Areas of disruption or blockage can take time to ease. But each time you practice, your overall self awareness will develop and improve.
Enhance your Awareness
Enhance your Awareness


So, which areas of awareness should we explore for inner strength and disruption? For this exercise, there are five layers of awareness to consider.

(Remember these are options and suggestions which you can adapt to your own experience, beliefs and knowledge).

Physical Awareness – Firstly, explore and observe your physical body, moving slowly from your feet up to your head and face. As you go, notice any contact on your skin, any tension in your muscles, and awareness of your skeletal frame; such as your individual joints and your spine. Also observe your breathing pattern and where you are breathing from. Notice your posture and how you are seated.

Energetic Awareness – Now bring your awareness slightly beyond your physical frame and follow a similar pattern of observation. This time, begin with your feet, and then explore your awareness of your subtle body energy. For this, you can focus on the regions of your 7 chakras.  These are as follows:

  1. A) Root Chakra – Associated with Safety and Stability of the self. 
  2. B) Sacral Chakra – Associated with Sociability and Pleasure. 
  3. C) Solar Plexus Chakra – Associated with Strength and Determination. 
  4. 4) Heart Chakra – Associated with Love and Compassion. 
  5. 5) Throat Chakra – Associated with Communication and Expression. 
  6. 6) Third Eye Chakra – Associated with Intuition and Trust. 
  7. 7) Crown Chakra – Associated with Spirituality and Fulfilment. 
Your Seven Chakras
Your Seven Chakras

(Remember you can adapt this technique depending on your experience and level of awareness of your subtle body energy).

Emotional Awareness – This is an opportunity to gently explore your emotions. How are you feeling? Are you experiencing a range of emotions? Are there prominent emotions that you feel? (You may notice that these emotions change as you shift your awareness during this exercise).

Mental Awareness – This is an opportunity to become aware of your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and memories. Also pay attention to your five senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. Remember not to judge, just observe and take note.

Higher Awareness – This last level of awareness is a connection to your spirituality. The spiritual energy body is thought to wrap around our physical body, and be tethered to us at our solar plexus. Developing awareness at this level is an opportunity to explore our sense of connection to everything else in existence; past, present and future. For some this will be familiar territory. For many others, this may be a new concept. Once again, note where you are drawn to, and how it makes you feel.

Developing your Awareness

Meditation awareness is governed by the flow of energy and information around us. It is a skill we can develop and nurture at any time of our life, and throughout our life. When we sense a disruption to our subtle body energy, we can use our skills of meditation awareness to address and resolve this by identifying and then calling on our areas of established inner strength.

PEMF therapy can protect your well-being when you need it most

When we are bombarded by a hostile high frequency electronic environment, our meditation ability can be disrupted. Subtle energy medicine technology such as low level PEMF therapy, can be a powerful way to protect our well-being, restore our balance, and develop our strength.

iMRS Prime PEMF Therapy
Enhance Your Meditation Awareness with PEMF Therapy

If you would like to learn more about this meditation body scan technique, or if you are considering using PEMF therapy and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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