What is the best natural chronic migraines treatment?
What is the best natural chronic migraines treatment?

What is the best natural chronic migraines treatment?

“What is the best natural chronic migraines treatment” is a question I frequently encounter from my clients when we first meet. They are usually fed up with relying on medication month after month, and all the side effects that can bring. They are always hoping for a solution that will transform the quality of their life, and help them to dramatically reduce the amount of medication they have to take.

My answer to their question is, “There are many possible natural migraine treatments to choose from and it very much depends on your unique needs. My job is to listen to you and guide you, so we can discover together YOUR best natural chronic migraines treatment.”

Read on to discover some of the most effective natural chronic migraines treatment that I recommend.

What is the Best Natural Chronic Migraines Treatment?

As an osteopath and functional medicine practitioner, I have helped over 15,000 patients to resolve their persistent symptoms. I have dedicated much of my career to the research and natural treatment of chronic migraines.

Why Chronic Migraines?

My quest to understand migraines began in 1999 when I was training to become an osteopath and I needed to find a way to help my partner (now my wife) to mange her chronic migraine attacks. I am pleased to say that she now rarely experiences migraine attacks, thanks to a combination of self treatment approaches appropriate exercises, and lifestyle modifications including dietary changes and sleep modifications, which we have developed together over the years.

So, I have spent the past 20 years trying to answer this question above and there are many natural  chronic migraines treatment possibilities, with new promising new approaches emerging all the time.

Here is a brief overview of some of these possibilities. For more details and to find your best natural chronic migraines treatment, please do get in touch.

Chronic Migraines Food and Supplements –

Where do you begin with choosing the right foods and supplements to help resolve your chronic migraines? The approach of functional medicine is perfectly suited to answer this question; it can help you create a food and supplement plan that really works for you whilst not making you feel like you are missing out.

It’s not just about avoiding triggers..

Traditionally, food has been seen in terms of avoiding a the wrong food triggers when it comes to migraines. Not so much, how the right foods can actually help improve how you feel.

Supplements must be used in the right way…

Migraine nutritional supplements are often used in an ad hoc fashion; you read the latest piece of news or company press release, get excited and expectantly begin the supplement course. Only to be disappointed. Then you begin again with the next and so it continues.

Thankfully, there are some migraine supplements that are backed by solid research, such as Vitamin B2, magnesium and coenzyme Q10. It is generally a good idea to include these in your natural chronic migraines treatment plan where possible. When it comes to further supplementation, rather than guessing it is best to fully understand our unique needs and identify any nutritional deficiencies before making any decisions. There are a number of private laboratory testing services which can help with this. We work closely with Genova diagnostics laboratory to utilise their extensive range of testing options, which can help ensure that your natural chronic migraines treatment plan is truly personalised to your needs.

Chronic Migraines Food and Supplements

In summary…

The key is to understand your unique needs and the role that the food you are eating and the supplements you are taking can play in preventing your migraine attacks. We cover this in detail during our consultations.

Chronic Migraines Resolution Package

If you are looking for the best natural chronic migraines treatment plan, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can book your free 15 minute consultation here and get started with addressing your chronic migraines in a truly personalised and natural way today.


Natural Chronic Migraines Self Treatment –

Simple and regular self treatment techniques, appropriate exercises, and even wellness apps and technology can all play a key role in the natural management of your chronic migraines. BUT they are often not used because it can seem a daunting task to approach this on your own. This is why we include this is that in the natural chronic migraines resolution package. You will learn how to apply the best self treatment techniques, build the most appropriate exercise regime, and discover how to integrate wellness technology into your natural chronic migraines treatment.

Chronic Migraines and Sensory Processing –

The role of sensory processing in the management of chronic migraines is a fascinating and complex area of developing research. We must note that according to Goadsby et al (2017), migraine is primarily a sensory processing disorder. So any techniques, technology or approaches that can help improve sensory processing offers tremendous potential for helping migraine sufferers. This is why I’m so excited about the emerging research outlining the benefits of CBD oil for migraine. There is much more to come in this area of natural chronic migraines treatment, and I will be sharing all my findings and recommendations in future blogs. CBD oil is also a key feature of the Samuel Maddock Health natural chronic migraines resolution package.

Chronic Migraines and Gut Health –

Beginning with the gut is an approach that is fundamental to helping improve so many health conditions. And this is certainly the case with chronic migraines. The close association between us he function of the gut and chronic migraines simply cannot be overlooked. Research has so far linked many conditions of the gut with migraine, such as Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and celiac disease (CD) to name a few. More recent research has also I linked chronic migraines to increased intestinal permeability (known as leaky gut syndrome). This is yet another area that offers great potential benefits for migraine sufferers, and an area we explore in detail during our consultations.

Chronic Migraines and General Health –

There are many other aspects of your health that can contribute to the presence of your chronic migraines. These include the function of your mitochondria (the powerhouse of your cells), your immune system, your circulatory system, your hormones, your toxic load, your sleep pattern and your daily stress levels. The list goes on and on. You are unique, and you will have unique areas of your health care hat contribute to your chronic migraines. We will discover these together, and create a plan to address these together.

Chronic Migraines and Medication Overuse –

One final point to highlight at this stage is the often overlooked contribution of medication overuse to chronic migraines. This is a big problem for many people trying to manage their chronic migraines; frequent use of medicines in an attempt to manage migraines, such as triptans, paracetamol, opiates, and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can lead to additional headache symptoms and more misery for the individual. But it can be managed, and it doesn’t have to be a problem for you. If this is relevant to you, we will discuss this in detail.

7 Features of the Best Natural Chronic Migraines Treatment Plan

  1. A Consultation approach that listens to your unique needs and brings together the latest approaches.
  2. A Treatment approach that is a tailored to your needs. Not a generic script.
  3. A Food Plan that uses food as medicine, not just focussing on trigger avoidance.
  4. A Supplement Plan that is relevant to you, and based on the latest research findings
  5. A Sensory Processing Plan that teaches you how to use new techniques and approaches to alter your susceptibility to migraine attacks.
  6. A Self Treatment and Exercise Plan that introduces you to simple and repeatable strategies to help improve the mechanical and postural contributors to your migraines.
  7. A Progress Tracking plan that enables you to monitor your improvement, and identify the strategies that are most effective for you, putting you firmly in control of your chronic migraines now, and into the future.

Natural Chronic Migraines Treatment Near Me

As an osteopath and functional medicine practitioner based in Bath, I have helped many thousands of patients, and I treated patients of all ages with chronic migraines. Over the years, I have noticed many similarities in the areas of the body that are not functioning so well in the case of chronic migraines, and that by improving the way these areas function, we can dramatically help with chronic migraine prevention. Of course your body is unique to you, but it is likely that some of the following areas will need addressing as part of your natural chronic migraines treatment:

  • Your Neck
  • Your Jaw (TMJ)
  • Your Mid Back, Rib Cage and Diaphragm
  • Your Muscular System
  • Your Body Awareness Skills
  • Your Breathing Mechanics
  • Your Involuntary Mechanism (Using Cranial Osteopathy)

Chronic Migraines Resolution Package

If you are looking for the best natural chronic migraines treatment plan, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can book your free 15 minute consultation here and get started with addressing your chronic migraines in a truly personalised and natural way today.


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