What is the best PEMF Sleep Machine for home use?
What is the best PEMF Sleep Machine for home use

What is the best PEMF Sleep Machine for home use?

Sleep is the most important part of your day. This is why a PEMF sleep machine is such a great investment in your health. But, in this blog, I am going to tell you about a device that is not just a PEMF sleep machine, it is the best PEMF machine for home use.

Deepening of sleep is actually one of the most commonly reported benefits of low level PEMF therapy and I have seen this many times over the years with my clients. Much of the sleep benefits of PEMF therapy can come from improving regulation of the nervous system, helping the individual to achieve a relaxation state prior to sleep. (If you go to sleep with a calmer nervous system, sleep tends to be deeper with less wakeful periods). The PEMF waveform most suited to creating this effect is the Sawtooth waveform.

Studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms. It can also help to increase slow wave sleep activity, which is the most important and restorative part of non REM sleep.

Further to this, additional PEMF therapy benefits that can also enhance our quality of sleep include reduced muscle tension and decreased stress and anxiety levels.

One study which has highlighted the benefits of PEMF therapy upon sleep was carried out by Pelka ( 2001 ), who conducted a four week double blind study using 101 participants. 70% of the PEMF therapy group in this study reported a greatly significant improvement in quality of sleep, as opposed to just 2% of the control group reporting the same finding.

You can read the abstract of this research here.

Why I recommend the iMRS Prime PEMF system to help with sleep problems?

Which type of PEMF machine is best for sleep at home?
Which type of PEMF machine is best for sleep at home?

Some devices that claim to be the best PEMF sleep machine are small and portable. This may seem like a great option but sleep is a body-wide process. For this, you require a PEMF sleep machine that is a Mat based device. This way, your entire body is bathed in the best PEMF frequencies for deep sleep, night after night.

The iMRS Prime PEMF sleep machine features automated frequency setting changes aligned with the variations of our circadian rhythm (called the iMRS Organ Clock). The importance of which is backed by Nobel Prize winning independent research.

The iMRS Prime PEMF sleep machine frequency range is between 0.5hz -25hz, and it is the best PEMF sleep machine because it follows the independent research backed principles of brainwave entrainment. As part of this, the 1-8Hz range is especially important for the promotion of enhanced relaxation and sleep.

A common question I receive regarding PEMF therapy and sleep is whether to choose the iMRS Prime system, or the BEMER system.

iMRS Prime v BEMER; which is the best PEMF Sleep Machine?

This is a great question, and one of the key questions that I wanted to answer when I began researching PEMF therapy devices over 10 years ago. As a result of my research to date, I have chosen to personally invest in several of my own iMRS systems over the years (including the iMRS Prime system), together with successfully introducing iMRS systems to many hundreds of clients around the world.

You will see from my PEMF buying guide below that I have found the iMRS Prime system to be the best device for both daily home use, and for use in clinic. Please also find some additional iMRS Prime information below to allow you to make some further comparisons.

What is the Best PEMF Sleep Machine Frequency?

The iMRS Prime operates within what is termed the ‘biological window’ based on extensive research over the years on the beneficial effects of cellular resonance. This includes the very low frequency Delta brainwaves (0.5-4Hz), which are responsible for our sleep patterns and is the best PEMF sleep machine frequency to use.

The entire frequency range of the iMRS Prime is 0.5 – 25Hz, divided into four frequency bands (Morning 15Hz, Noon 5.5Hz, Evening 3Hz and Night 0.5Hz). It is the ‘Night’ frequency which makes the iMRS Prime a great PEMF Sleep machine. There is also a innovative and highly effective ‘sleep’ mode preset that uses a dynamic PEMF intensity change during the session, decreasing the intensity in line with what your body requires for deep sleep. It is a one touch sleep solution!

I have done a great deal of research and testing over the years on a number of different PEMF devices and I tend not to like criticising any one brand or manufacturer. What I always encourage my clients to do when learning about PEMF is to look at the PEMF sleep machine parameters that the different devices use.

One of the main reasons I personally use Swiss Bionic Solutions’ (the manufacturer of the iMRS Prime) PEMF systems, and train other practitioners and clients to use this technology, is because of the PEMF parameters they use. Research has repeatedly shown that the cells in our body respond favourably to frequencies up to 30Hz, which matches the frequency range used by the iMRS Prime PEMF sleep machine.

What are the other benefits of using the iMRS Prime system?

What are the other benefits of using the iMRS Prime system?Here is a review below from one of the health journalists I have worked with. I hope this helps you to understand how benefits can develop from using PEMF therapy. She used the Omnium1 system. The iMRS Prime uses the same base PEMF technology, with further advancements and available functions for even greater benefits. Here is a detailed look at the iMRS Prime PEMF intensity and frequency options.

What is the iMRS Prime PEMF Intensity?

The iMRS Prime PEMF intensity range is:

ExagonMat – Up to 45 microtesla.

ExagonPad – Up to 70 microtesla.

ExagonSpot – Up to 120 microtesla.

iMRS Prime Exagon Mat Intensity Settings Intervals (Sensitive to 400) = MicroTesla Value.

Sensitive = 0.27 MicroTesla

10 = 1.35 MicroTesla

25 = 4.00 MicroTesla

50 = 8.00 MicroTesla

100 = 16.00 MicroTesla

150 = 24.00 MicroTesla

200 = 32.00 MicroTesla

400 = 45.00 MicroTesla

Exagon Pad/Exagon Spot

Sensitive = 0.35/0.65 MicroTesla

10 = 1.70/3.14 MicroTesla

25 = 5.00/9.23 MicroTesla

50 = 10.00/18.46 MicroTesla

100 = 20.00/36.92 MicroTesla

150 = 30.00/46.15 MicroTesla

200 = 40.00/55.38 MicroTesla

400 = 65.00/120.00 MicroTesla

It is clear to see that, with regards to low intensity, the iMRS Prime offers many options. There is also a lot of research that demonstrates that combined low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy can be extremely beneficial, and this wide range of low PEMF intensity options allows you to match the findings of the best independent research. NASA’s in depth PEMF study (2003) for example, identified best results between 1-20 microtesla. With the iMRS Prime, this intensity range can be easily matched, for independent research backed benefits.

By comparison, the BEMER PEMF system has only two frequencies, with a main frequency of 33Hz, and a lowest harmonic frequency of 10Hz. The BEMER system has a lowest intensity of 3.5 microtesla (which is approximately 40 times higher than the iMRS Prime), making the iMRS Prime more suited to a wide range of individuals to help promote healing and repair, in addition to boosting energy, and promoting relaxation and sleep benefits.

What is the iMRS Prime Waveform?

Exagon Mat Triple Waveform SettingThe Exagon Mat: Triple Sawtooth.

The Exagon Mat applicator contains three pairs of superior quality copper coils, designed specifically to provide a magnetic field strength that is strongest at the feet and weakest at the head, just as your body would expect it to be. The PEMF mat applicator delivers earth based frequencies including the Schumann Resonance, which intelligently change throughout the day in accordance with the in-built organ clock. It uses a triple sawtooth waveform, which is particularly effective at stimulating the rest and repair benefits of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Exagon Pad Square WaveformExagon Pad and Exagon Spot: Square Wave.

In addition, if you suffer with problematic joints and muscular tension points, the Exagon Pad and Spot are the perfect solution. They both deliver a square PEMF waveform (which TJ Goodwin (2003 NASA study) found to be the most effective for tissue healing) and can be a remarkably effective way to improve old injuries too. The Pad and Spot are also ideal for use on acupressure points, or chakra energy centres.

What is the iMRS Prime PEMF Polarity Switch?

The PEMF therapy signal form the iMRS Prime switches every two minutes between North and South polarity. The main purpose with a switch of polarity is to help keep the tissues in your body responding to the PEMF signals and in my opinion, this feature is an essential requirement for a good PEMF mat system for sleep benefits.

In addition to preventing acclimatisation of body tissues to the PEMF signal, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers South polarity to be stimulating and North polarity to be cooling and sedating.

Which is the best PEMF sleep machine system for helping to enhance sleep?

Let’s return to where we started. There are many PEMF sleep machines available for home use, and choosing the best one for your needs can be a difficult task. At Samuel Maddock Health, we want all of our clients to make the best decision for their needs, so I have written a PEMF buying guide which many of our clients have found very helpful when deciding which PEMF sleep machine mat system to purchase for their needs.

In this guide you will see many reasons why the iMRS Prime is the best PEMF sleep machine available for home use, and for promoting a wide variety of benefits which of course begins with supporting the most important part of your day; when you are enjoying deeper, more restful sleep.

I have spent the past 10 years searching for the best pemf therapy machine for home use. The iMRS Prime is the best.

If you want to find out why, or if you want to place your order today at the best price, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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