What is the iMRS Price in the UK?
What is the iMRS Price in the UK?

What is the iMRS Price in the UK?

“What is the iMRS price UK?” This is a question that we often receive at Samuel Maddock Health. Below is a list of the new iMRS Prime packages that are available from our manufacturer Swiss Bionic Solutions, together with current prices. Our prices are the best available, you will not find them cheaper elsewhere. We also ship all over the world, matching the best prices and shipping costs that you will find. For the best prices in your country, please contact us.

During November, we are running a special offer with big savings on two iMRS Prime packages, which you can see below. 

If you have any questions or would like to order your new iMRS Prime system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

iMRS Price UK (Including VAT) – November 2020:

(Please note iMRS Prime shipping costs are £30 via DHL). 

  1. Standard iMRS Price UK PEMF Package:

IMRS Prime Basic: £2923

IMRS Prime Basic Set: £3566

(Set includes both Exagon Brain and Exagon Sense optional accessories). 

  1. Top iMRS Price UK PEMF Package:

IMRS Prime Expert: £2923 (Special Offer. RRP £4093)

IMRS Prime Expert Set: £4746

  1. Complete iMRS Price UK Wellness Package:

(PEMF Plus Far-Infra Technology) 

IMRS Prime Hybrid: £3469 (Special Offer. RRP £4869). 

IMRS Prime Hybrid Set: £6237

As you can see above, the iMRS price UK starts from £2923 (plus £30 shipping) for the Basic iMRS Prime model, and goes up to £6237 for the iMRS Prime Hybrid Set. 

What is the iMRS Prime SET?

The Exagon Brain can be added to any package for £515 as a stand alone accessory, and the Exagon Sense can be added to any package for £583. But both accessories are also available as part of a ‘SET’ package, which includes the addition go both the Exagon Brain and the Exagon Sense (Heart Rate Variability and Oxygen Biofeedback Monitor) at a greatly discounted rate. 

iMRS price UK Special Offer

This month, our best selling system, the iMRS Prime Expert, is available for the special offer price of £2923, saving £1170. For those wishing to add Far-Infra-Red technology, the iMRS Prime Hybrid package is also on special offer at just £3469.

IMRS Price UK – iMRS Prime Package Contents

All iMRS Prime UK models come complete with the newly designed iMRS Prime control unit and connector box, new fast start programs, and two PEMF applicators; the Exagon Mat, and the Exagon Pad.

The iMRS Prime Expert model is our best selling version of the system and includes all of this above.


  • The Exagon Spot Applicator – As the most powerful iMRS Prime applicator, it is perfectly designed for localised PEMF healing of troublesome joints and areas of the body. 
  • The iGuide Database – which features a catalogue of 250+ health issues, with optimal settings for supporting each condition. 
  • A new Split Mode – allowing for two applicators to be used at the same time. Which means two people can use two different applicators at the same time, each with their own individual settings.

For further details about the iMRS Prime packages that are available, please follow the links below:

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8 reasons to buy iMRS Prime PEMF system from Samuel Maddock Health 

“What is the iMRS price UK” is a question we are often asked. This blog post provides the latest UK prices for the new iMRS system; The iMRS Prime.

For all United States enquiries, please contact our USA office

To order your system today or for further details please call 01225 962662, or contact us.


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