Which PEMF machine is best for home use?
Which PEMF machine is best for home use?

Which PEMF machine is best for home use?

Many of my clients have been asking me recently “Which PEMF machine is best for home use?”
Why? Well, there is no doubt that we have all been faced with tremendous uncertainty since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have faced uncertainty about our health, our finances, and our freedom. We have witnessed the strain upon our entire family, and we have been left asking what more can we do to look after our loved ones? It is arguably now more important than ever before for us to be equipped to look after our own health, from our own home.

Why a PEMF machine for home use is best

You may have already know about the benefits of that a PEMF machine can offer, or you may just be discovering this as you begin your PEMF machine search. Either way, you will see that using a PEMF machine from home is the ideal solution to your concerns. Why? Because the right PEMF machine can help you and your family to manage your stress, deepen your sleep, reduce your pain, and boost your energy. Plus much more.

BUT… It must be the right PEMF Machine. Not just any PEMF machine. Read on to discover the best PEMF machine to use from home. For all of your family. Everyday.

What is a PEMF machine?

A (Pulsed Electromagnetic field) PEMF machine targets the cells within the body and can help to ‘jump start’ the healing process at a cellular level. For this reason you do not need to feel unwell or have an injury or illness in order to derive significant health benefits from using a PEMF machine. In fact, when integrated into a simple twice daily routine much like cleaning your teeth, a PEMF machine can help to prevent you from becoming injured or suffering ill health.

What is PEMF
iMRS Prime PEMF at home

PEMF machine research has highlighted key areas that can lead to profound health improvements. These include natural pain relief, improved circulation to tissues, plus improved tissue repair and regeneration. In addition to this, research has also highlighted improved regulation of the nervous and hormone systems within the body, which can lead to an improved ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression, as being key potential benefits of using a PEMF machine. Sports performance, fitness and recovery from training or injury can also be enhanced with regular use of a PEMF machine.

There have been many key developments that have helped shape our understanding of how and why the best types of PEMF machine can help promote widespread health benefits and influence healing and repair within the body. During his groundbreaking research, Robert Becker (1961) described a dual nervous system, consisting of the very precisely controlled classic digital network, the focus of modern neurophysiology, and a more ancient global analogue peri-neural system, operated by brain wave activity. He found that the peri-neural system was responsible for setting up a current of injury within the body which controlled tissue repair and regeneration. One of Becker’s most important discoveries was that the peri-neural system was influenced by magnetic fields, hence so could the injury repair and regeneration process.

What is the best PEMF machine?

What PEMF is Best?
What PEMF is Best?

Recent research has enhanced our understanding of which parameters of electromagnetic signals should be applied to the body for the greatest effect. These parameters include the waveform or shape of the electromagnetic signal, field strength, frequency, and resonance. It is the difference in these signal parameters that ultimately determines how effective a PEMF machine is at promoting well-being.

Research has also demonstrated that the best types of PEMF machine for home use need to be able to initiate a process known as cellular resonance, which is a result of the transmission of electromagnetic signals within the body to molecule receptors on our cells. This process of cellular resonance has been shown to act to jump start the healing process at the cellular level within the body.

What is clear from the evidence is that a PEMF machine which utilises electromagnetic frequencies and intensities which closely match those of the earth’s, and conforms to what is referred to as the ‘biological window’ (Adey and Bawin 1976), is the most effective for stimulating healing and repair within the body on a long term basis. This type of PEMF machine is, therefore, perfect for home use.

Best PEMF Machine Waveform

Extensive research carried out by NASA, led by Dr. Thomas Goodwin PhD in 2003, highlighted the importance of a rapid time varying waveform, specifically a square waveform. The sawtooth signal, first discovered by Bassett in 1974, also fits this criteria and is one of the most useful waveforms that has been created due to it’s sharp rise and fall time, producing the greatest electromagnetic stimulation to the cells within the body. Both of these waveforms should feature in the best PEMF machine for home use.

Best PEMF Machine Waveform
Best PEMF Machine Waveform. Squre and Sawtooth.

Best PEMF Machine Pulse

Research suggests that the pulse characteristic is perhaps the most important component of the electromagnetic signal delivered by a PEMF machine. The pulse is highly dependent on how rapidly the rise and fall time of the signal occurs. A rapid fall time (such as with a sawtooth or  square waveform) indicates a high peak voltage value, which in turn is responsible for ion displacement within the body. The greater the ion displacement, the stronger the biological effect that is exerted by the PEMF machine.

Best PEMF Machine Intensity And Frequency

The “biological window” of electromagnetic field intensity and frequency to which the human body responds most effectively has been documented through the research of Goodman and Blank (1998) and Adey and Bawin (1976) respectively. This has also been backed up by further research, including the work of Blackman and colleagues (1979). The most effective PEMF machines for home use should, therefore, use low frequency and intensity signals.

PEMF Machine Intensity

The intensity of an electromagnetic field is a measurement of it’s strength. The Earth’s magnetic field for example, is between approximately 30-60 microTesla.  The research of Goodman and Blank (1998) found that human cells most readily express a cell-preserving gene, heat shock protein 70 (hsp70), at 7-8 microTesla rather than a stronger field intensity above 70 microTesla. Adey and Bawin (1976) also demonstrated that extremely low electromagnetic field intensities were capable of stimulating the cell membrane of brain tissue and initiating the profound health benefits that are associated with PEMF therapy. NASA research (2003) found that a low intensity electromagnetic field strength of between just 1 – 20 microTesla, which is less than the earth’s magnetic field, was most effective for tissue healing and regeneration. The best PEMF machine for home use should use a low intensity signal.

PEMF Machine Frequency

Electromagnetic frequency (Hz) can be defined as a measure of how many times the peak of a wave passes a particular point each second. The cells within our body can be influenced energetically by electromagnetic waves of particular frequencies.

The frequency of the earth is between approximately 7 and 11 Hz. The work of Blackman and colleagues (1979) confirmed earlier findings of Bawin et al (1975) who reported in their research that brain tissue responded most positively to a narrow frequency range of between just 6 and 20 Hz. NASA also found that a low frequency signal of 10 Hz had the greatest effect on tissue healing and regeneration. The healing effects of specific frequencies, often known as the frequency windows of specificity, were highlighted by the work of Sisken & Walker (1995). Their review documented that, amongst others, a frequency of 2 Hz can influence nerve regeneration, 7 Hz is responsible for stimulating bone growth, 10 Hz for ligament repair and 15 Hz for stimulating capillary formation and fibroblast (collagen producing cells) proliferation. The best PEMF machine for home use should, therefore, use low frequencies, up to the level of 30Hz.

A note on Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonances are natural waves excited by lightning strikes in the cavity between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. In essence, lightning pumps energy into the earth-atmosphere cavity, and causes it to vibrate or resonate at extremely low frequencies. These waves circumnavigate the globe an average of 7.83 times per second (7.83 Hz) and this frequency correlates with the average frequency of alpha brain waves in human beings. These were the first brain waves to be discovered and have been shown to be present in a wakeful state, characterised by a relaxed and effortless alertness. The best PEMF machine for home use should feature Schumann resonances (7.83Hz).

Schumann Resonance
Schumann Resonance

PEMF Machine Resonance

Resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with maximum amplitude at certain frequencies. The cells of the human body vibrate (or oscillate), and it has been shown that electromagnetic impulses of the appropriate frequencies can produce cellular resonance.

Each cell membrane, of the 37.2 trillion cells in the human body, has over 1 million neuropeptide receptors. An electromagnetic field applied which is applied using parameters within the known ‘biological window’ is therefore capable of signalling all of these receptors simultaneously at the speed of light.

According to Benveniste (1998) molecules can interact by co-resonance, much like radio transmitters and receivers. He states that only molecular electromagnetic communication can account for the rapid, subtle and integrated functioning of living systems. Millions of molecules can communicate in this way, at the speed of light.When signal molecules emit frequencies that resonate with a receptor molecule, they cause it to vibrate as well. This process of induction of co-resonance in the body can help to explain why the best PEMF machine can have such a dramatic and positive influence on the process of cell communication within our body, leading to profound and potentially life-changing health benefits.

What does a PEMF machine do?

The best PEMF machine for home use can provide a natural energy boost, whenever you need it. When used in the right way, a low level PEMF machine has the potential to boost energy levels in a sustainable way, delivering a ‘clean’ type of energy without the unwanted side effects of many of the traditional things we rely on to boost our energy, such as sugar or caffeine. When used at the beginning of our day, the best PEMF machine can enable us to have the energy to work better from home, take that zoom yoga class in our lunch break, or learn how to perfect our relaxation skills.

Because the best PEMF machine helps to improve the way cells function within the body, regular use is important, and this is where the best benefits can occur.

7 Benefits of the best PEMF Machine for home use:


Research has shown that the best type of PEMF machine for home use can trigger the natural production of the body’s own natural pain killer, known as endorphins.


Various studies have demonstrated that the parameters used by the best types of PEMF machine for home use can have beneficial effects upon quality of sleep.


Research has shown that daily use of the best type of PEMF machine for home use can help to alter stress responses within the body.


A number of studies have shown an anti-inflammatory effect within the body when the right parameters for home use are used by a PEMF machine


The best type of PEMF machine for home use has been shown to improve the microcirculation within body tissues. This means more nutrients to your organs and muscles, and enhanced healing and repair.


One of the most immediate benefits of using the best best type of PEMF machine for home use is a relaxation effect on your muscles. This results in less tension, each and every day that you use it.


Research has demonstrated the potential of the best type of PEMF machine for home use to offer significant well-being benefits to all that use it. These benefits come in the form of increased energy levels, faster recovery from activity or injury, and even improved physical appearance of skin, hair and nails.

I have spent the past 10 years searching for the best PEMF machine for home use. The iMRS Prime is the best. If you want to find out why, or if you want to place your order today at the best price, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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