What Can Your Body Tell You About Your Health?
What Can Your Body Tell You About Your Health?

What Can Your Body Tell You About Your Health?

As an osteopath I have studied the structure of the body for the past twenty years. Combine this with my specialist interest in mitochondria during a decade of research into PEMF therapy, and I am very much at home with the seventh and final system of the functional medicine model, which is structural integrity. But what does this mean?

Well, the importance of good body structure cannot be overstated. From the building blocks within our cells to the way we hold our posture, our good health and well-being is dependent upon our structural integrity. 

An introduction to structural integrity

There are various indicators about your health that can be determined from the structural appearance of your body. In fact, according to research, understanding your body shape could help you discover the most effective approach to improving your health. 

What body type are you?

There are many factors that can determine our size and shape; from our genetics, metabolic type and our age, to our sex and lifestyle choices. Some of us just have to look at a pizza and we will pile on the pounds. Whereas others can seemingly eat whatever they wish, without every gaining weight. When it comes to the type of body shape we have, we tend to fall into five body shape types:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hourglass
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Ruler

Apple Shape
An apple body shape is considered to be at the highest risk for health issues, when compared to the other body types. Having excess abdominal body fat and a larger waist can mean a greater risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is because abdominal fat grows deep within us, and fills the space between our organs. Abdominal fat also has a greater influence on your metabolism and puts you at greater risk of metabolic syndrome, and resulting diabetes. Lastly, the associated inflammation that can accompany excess abdominal fat can contribute to the development of heart disease. Unfortunately, even if you have a BMI under 25 and are not officially overweight, an apple body shape still places you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes than individuals with a smaller waist. 

Pear Shape
Result regarding the risks of a pear body shape are inconclusive. However, if you are overweight then reducing body fat around your hips, thighs and buttocks is a very sensible approach to improving overall health and well-being.

Hourglass Shape
With this body shape, weight gain tends to be harder to spot, as it is distributed around your body. As a result, chronic health conditions can also sneak up. 

Inverted Triangle Shape
People with this body shape often need to focus on building up lower body strength to balance out their broader shoulders and larger chest. As with all body shapes, maintaining a healthy weight and body fat composition is important to maintain good health. 

Ruler (Column) Shape
Woman who are this body shape may often find it easier to lose weight, and as a result lower their risk of heart disease. However, becoming underweight can upset menstruation, fertility and metal health.  

There are many other clues that your body can give away about your health, such as:

Your Skin – The colour, hydration and texture of your skin are all important indicators of your health. For example, darkening around the eyes or red blotches can be indicators of the state of your health. The skin is the body’s largest excretory organ, so there is often a link between the appearance of your skin, and the health of your gut.

Your Tongue – A healthy tongue should appear pink, and be covered with small nodules. It is important to pay close attention to any changes in your normal tongue appearance, as this can indicate deeper changes to your health.

Your Nails – Any change in colour, shape or thickness of your nails can be indicators to seek professional advice. Likewise with the presence of pitting, bleeding or swelling.

Your Hair – Changes to your hair colour, texture or structure can be a signs of change to your health. Unexplained hair loss, thinning or premature greying are further examples of the link between your overall well being, and the structural integrity of your body. 

From Structure to Function…

The structure and function of our body are closely interrelated, so one cannot be considered without the other. From our mitochondria to our muscles, and everything in between, the way we function determines how we live our life. 

A quick note on mitochondria and PEMF Therapy

I am passionate about the combination of Functional Medicine with PEMF therapy. Why? Because whilst PEMF therapy is extremely effective at optimising the function of our cells, our cells can only work with the ingredients they have available to them. Functional Medicine solves this problem and optimises the ingredients available to our cells, making a perfect partnership with PEMF therapy.

Within our cells, perhaps the most important component is the mitochondria. This “powerhouse” of the cell is vital for our energy production, and has now been linked to numerous health conditions, with the list continuing to grow. By using a combination of PEMF therapy and Functional Medicine, we can start optimising our mitochondrial function and take control of our health and well-being. We can have greater energy, greater resilience and even greater levels of immunity.

In order to enjoy long lasting health and well-being, we must support our cells, optimise our nutrition, maximise our sleep, regulate our stress, and keep active. To learn more about how Functional Medicine could help you to improve the function of your body, please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, you can arrange your free 15 minute introductory call today.