What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine can help you.

Functional medicine focuses on why you feel the way you do, not just the symptoms you are experiencing.

To arrange a consultation, please call the clinic on 01225 962662 or email sam@samuelmaddockhealth.com

Functional medicine is a relatively new way of looking at our health and uses a different approach for helping to prevent and manage complex symptom patterns and chronic health conditions.

During your Functional Medicine consultation we will certainly discuss your symptoms, but we will also look closely at your diet, exercise patterns, previous traumas, sleep patterns, stress levels and any possible exposure to toxins.

We will focus on the way your body is functioning, and identify the areas that may be out of balance. The areas we will consider include:
  • Your digestive health
  • Your energy levels
  • Your immune system
  • Your metabolic system
  • Your body’s structure and physical function
  • Your body’s ability to eliminate toxins
  • Your hormone system

During your consultation we will focus on why this is happening to you, and work together to put a clear plan in place for you to begin the process of improving your health and overall wellbeing.

For this, we will harness the tremendous healing potential of food and nutrition, the essential restorative power of good sleep, and the protective resilience that comes from enhanced relaxation skills, body awareness and appropriate exercise. And this is just the beginning of what is possible.

But there is no one size fits all. Functional medicine is about you and the plan we put together will be the right one for you. Because you will lead the way and together we will start to discover the answers to reclaiming your health that you are looking for.