Osteopathy Appointments

My approach is personalised to your needs.

This means we work together to discover the best way to help you.

To arrange an appointment, please call the clinic on 01225 962662 or email sam@samuelmaddockhealth.com

New Patients £95

The Case history

Whether you are new to Osteopathy or have had previous treatment with another practitioner, your initial consultation will help us develop a plan of action in order to improve the way you feel. This will begin with a conversation about you and what has brought you to the clinic, together with some questions about your general health and well-being. This will be a two way conversation and if you have any questions or concerns these can be addressed.

The Examination

Following the case history we will examine how your body is functioning in detail, with a particular focus on the area that is concerning you. I will make sure to explain my approach and thought process so everything is clear. I will then suggest the type of treatment and management plan that I believe would be most appropriate for your needs.

The Treatment

I use a wide variety of osteopathic techniques from muscular stretching and release techniques to cranial osteopathy and manipulation, and your initial consultation will include time to begin your treatment. We will always agree upon the types of techniques that you are happy with before the treatment begins.

At the end of your initial consultation I may suggest appropriate exercises, posture advice or additional lifestyle modifications in order to compliment the treatment we have carried out.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Follow-up Appointments £80

At the end of the consultation we will discuss what you would like to do next, and we may decide to book a follow up treatment if appropriate. I will always give my honest opinion regarding how many treatments may be necessary in order to help resolve your symptoms, and we can then discuss the best plan for your needs.

Osteopathic treatment works by helping your body to heal itself. With this in mind, you may initially feel a response to treatment such as mild aching or tiredness. This is normal and is part of your body’s healing response. This will usually subside in 1-2 days as your body responds to the treatment. I will always discuss with you what you may feel following a treatment, and how to manage a healing response if it occurs.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

SMH Hybrid £215 NEW

Osteopathy Hybrid £95

The new osteopathy hybrid consultation is a follow up consultation option recommended for patients who require treatment for persistent or multiple symptom patterns. It includes additional access to a range of functional medicine resources, such as advice on how to manage persistent inflammation, improve healing response and reduce pain levels.

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Osteopathy New Patient

60 minute clinic session
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Osteopathy Follow-up

45 minute clinic session
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SMH Hybrid

80 min. ONLINE Functional Medicine session, 45 min. Osteopathic clinic session.
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Osteopathy Hybrid

60 minute clinic session
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Where are we?

The Bath Osteopathy and Personalised Health (BOPH) Clinic is located on the first floor at number 14 Queen Square, central Bath. There are a number of accessible car parks near to the clinic, and it is a 10 minute walk from Bath Spa train station.


The Bath Osteopathy and Personalised Health (BOPH) Clinic has now reopened. For further information about the changes we have made, please see our Covid-19 clinic protocol below: https://www.samuelmaddockhealth.com/covid-19-protocol