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“Sam is an excellent communicator which makes all the difference with an online appointment. The assessment was thorough, and he was able to ascertain my condition accurately and describe the issue I have in layman’s terms with patience and great clarity. Armed with this information and his guidance with specific exercises, I now have the confidence and tools needed to help myself heal in the best possible way. Very grateful. Thank you, Sam!”

Heidi Gibb, UK

Initial Consultation £60 ( 45 mins )

Follow Up Consultation £45 ( 30 mins )

Initial Consultation ( 45 mins )

Your initial online osteopathic consultation will follow a similar structure to an in-clinic consultation and has been specifically designed to provide you with the greatest possible benefit. But there will be some differences. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Your Case History – This will be exactly the same as an in-clinic consultation and will focus on how I can help you, your needs and your general health and well-being.
  2. Your Examination – This will be a bit different, as a full examination will not be possible during your online consultation. We will instead focus this process on how you are able to move your body and the impact that any problem areas are having on this. By matching this to your thorough case history, we will aim to establish a theoretical working diagnosis wherever possible. Please note that because it will not be possible to include a ‘hands on’ assessment and further clinical testing, your working diagnosis will be subject to change. This will all be explained to you clearly. Following this stage, if it is appropriate we will progress to discussing your self treatment options. If it is more appropriate for you to seek further medical examination, we will discuss this in detail.
  3. Your Treatment – This process will again be different, but can still be very effective. It will also put you in control of your improvement right from the beginning. This process will include effective self treatment techniques such as trigger point release, massage ball and muscle energy techniques, together with appropriate stretches and prescriptive exercises. Where appropriate, advanced breathing exercises and relaxation skills can also be taught to help manage any stress or anxiety that you may be experiencing.
  4. Your Advice – To conclude your osteopathy online session, we will bring things together by answering any remaining questions you may have. This might include appropriate advice regarding your posture and activity levels. But this could also cover other lifestyle factors such as your sleep, your stress and anxiety levels or your diet, and any appropriate supplementation that may be required.

Follow Up Consultation ( 30 mins )

Your follow up consultation will pick up with a review of your progress and will answer any questions you may have. During this consultation we will particularly focus on steps 3 and 4 above.

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Osteopathy Online

Remote Osteopathy consultations via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

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The Bath Osteopathy and Personalised Health (BOPH) Clinic is located at number 14 Queen Square in central Bath.

There are a number of accessible car parks near to the clinic, and it is a 10 minute walk from Bath Spa train station.