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Feel Energised with PEMF Therapy

We are designed to conserve energy wherever possible for survival, and our bodies are always looking for the path of least resistance. Our default state is lazy. But there are times when we just can’t take a chance on our energy levels, when we simply must be at our best.

So, what can we do to boost our energy levels naturally, consistently, and for the long term, allowing us to feel younger than our age when we need it most; for that gym session, challenging run, important meeting, or even a visit of the grandchildren!

PEMF therapy makes this possible!

iMRS Prime Control Unit


Low level PEMF therapy can give you more energy, whenever you need it…

When used in the right way, low level PEMF therapy has the potential to supercharge energy levels in a sustainable way, delivering a ‘clean’ type of energy without the unwanted side effects of many of the traditional things we rely such as sugar or caffeine. Lets take a look at why the iMRS can make us feel energised.

Energy as THE currency

No matter how hard we try, we cannot influence the amount of time we have in a day. We cannot buy more time, or slow the passage of time. But, with low level PEMF therapy, we can influence our energy levels and consequently how much we can achieve with our time. With good levels of energy, we can achieve more of what we want do, whatever that may be. And we can do it better and have more fun. We can improve our performance, both physically and mentally. With the iMRS system, we can feel energised more of the time.

It’s about the cell

It takes just 8 minutes of low level PEMF therapy to boost the cell’s fuel source (ATP), according to research. This means more fuel for your cells to do what they need to do, be it faster healing, less aches and pains, or providing you with more stamina to enjoy your day. There are of course other ways to help boost energy levels, and the beauty of PEMF therapy is it can work alongside these, to FULLY optimise your performance at the time you need it most.

PEMF and Supplements

PEMF therapy works with the ingredients that you have in your body, so if you are deficient in key vitamins or minerals such as vitamin D3, vitamin B12, Magnesium or Zinc, it can be less effective. If you suspect that this is the case for you, and you want to ensure maximum PEMF therapy benefits, remove the mystery and take our PEMF Nutri test here.

Know Your Energy Levels

We are not machines that function at the same level throughout the day. Our energy levels fluctuate, with peaks and troughs.These determine whether we can focus and perform, or whether we need to take a break. This fluctuation tends to follow a 90 minute cycle, described as the ultradian rhythm, and it varies in all of us.

Although these fluctuations in energy levels throughout the day are a natural process, we often try to override them in an attempt to achieve more. We work longer, take less breaks and as a result our stress levels inevitably increase and our sleep quality plummets. Not good ingredients at all for our long term health.

In order to feel healthy and energised, we need a balance of performance with appropriate rest and recovery. There is no escaping this. Here are three ways you can use the iMRS system to work with your natural energy cycles, and feel at your best much more of the time:

  • Use The iMRS To Supercharge Your Energy Levels –
    Once you have discovered the times when you are more alert, use PEMF therapy when your energy levels are naturally higher to give them an even greater boost. That way you will feel even younger, and naturally energised for when you have to be at your best.
  • Use The iMRS To Support Your Energy Dips –
    When you notice the times you are usually lacking in energy, you have identified the opportunity to use PEMF therapy to support these dips and recharge your reserves more efficiently. This means less fatigue on your off days, and no more afternoon slumps.
  • Use The iMRS To Manage Your Sleep And Stress –
    Good quality sleep forms the foundation for an energised day. If you don’t sleep well or your stress levels are too high, your energy will be low. Make sure you use PEMF therapy to tackle these first, before you focus on PEMF therapy to take your game to another level.

Energy Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Natural Pain Relief

Research has shown that PEMF therapy can trigger the natural production of endogenous opiates (endorphins), the body’s own natural pain killer.

Better Sleep

Various studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy upon quality of sleep.

Less Stress

Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapy can help to alter stress responses within the body.

Less Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can dramatically drain your energy levels. A number of studies have shown an anti-inflammatory effect within the body when PEMF therapy is applied, helping to raise energy levels as a result.

Improved Circulation

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the microcirculation within tissues. this means more nutrients to your organs and muscles, resulting in greater energy levels.

Muscular Relaxation

Muscle tension drains energy. The less tense your body is, the more stamina you have. One of the most immediate benefits of using the iMRS system is a relaxation effect on your muscles, less tension and more energy as a result.

Feel Ten Years Younger

Research has demonstrated the potential of PEMF therapy to offer significant anti-ageing benefits in the form of increased energy levels, faster recovery from activity or injury, and improved physical appearance of skin, hair and nails.