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Relax with PEMF Therapy

In modern life, stress is all around us in many forms, both good and bad.

Good forms of stress ( Eustress ) such as exercise can help propel us through our days and weeks, but negative stress can drain our energy and drastically affect how well we concentrate and perform, not to mention how we relax and sleep.

iMRS Prime Control Unit


In the UK, we are generally not short on stimulation for our nervous systems, with our collective coffee consumption increasing by 25 million cups a day over the past 10 years. Where we certainly need help is with our ability to slow down, relax and sleep. Because the iMRS system utilises low frequency and intensity PEMF therapy, it is ideally suited to provide us with appropriate energy and alertness when we require it, but crucially it can also help to promote relaxation and prepare us for the good quality sleep we desperately need.

It is not possible to ‘feel’ the PEMF signal delivered by the iMRS system, as the signal level is below the threshold of sensory detection by the skin, but with practice it is perfectly possible to feel the effects that low level PEMF therapy is having on your body. For example, the warmth felt in tense muscles and the gentle tingling in areas of dysfunction when exposed to low level PEMF, through to a change in your breathing pattern and reduction in muscular tension as your body relaxes.

Body awareness is also especially important when incorporating PEMF therapy into a stress reduction technique. Relaxation is a skill, it doesn’t just happen, and it requires a shift from thinking to feeling.

Optimum Relaxation With The iMORE Accessory

PEMF therapy is especially effective at helping to promote body-wide relaxation. To further enhance this effect, special mention must be given to the iMORE optional accessory. The iMORE can be used to effectively put the iMRS system into autopilot mode, setting the intensity of the PEMF signal based on your current level of stress. The iMORE measures what is known as your ‘heart rate variability’ (HRV), the gold standard stress measure for the body and enables the iMRS system to train your stress response by appropriately adjusting the PEMF intensity as your resilience and HRV improves.

Relaxation Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Improved Circulation

PEMF therapy has been shown to improve the microcirculation within tissues. this means more nutrients to your organs and muscles, resulting in greater energy levels.

Muscular Relaxation

Muscle tension drains energy. The less tense your body is, the more energy you have. One of the most immediate benefits of using the iMRS system is a relaxation effect on your muscles, less tension and more energy as a result.

Feel Ten Years Younger

Research has demonstrated the potential of PEMF therapy to offer significant anti-ageing benefits in the form of increased energy levels, faster recovery from activity or injury, and improved physical appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Better Sleep

Various studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy upon quality of sleep.

Combat Stress

Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapy can help to alter stress responses within the body.

Less Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can dramatically drain your energy levels. A number of studies have shown an anti-inflammatory effect within the body when PEMF therapy is applied, helping to raise energy levels as a result.