Do you experience aches and pains that won’t go away?
Do you suffer with muscular tension, stress or anxiety?
Do you want to take proactive steps to protect your well-being?
If your answer is YES to any of the above,
then PEMF therapy is for you.
iMRS Prime Control

Now, more than ever, is the time to introduce PEMF therapy into your life.

And the new iMRS Prime PEMF Device is the perfect way to benefit from this remarkable technology.

Why use PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy offers a daily solution to the increasing stress that is being placed upon the cells in our bodies. It can be used everyday, from the comfort of your own home, to protect and support your cellular health. And in this current climate of great uncertainty and threat to our health, the ability to take control of our own well-being has never been more important. PEMF therapy can help you to take control of your well-being and never look back.

PEMF therapy bathes each and every cell in all of your tissues and organs, with an electromagnetic field designed to help improve the function of your cells. This can help deepen your sleep, combat your stress, support your metabolism, enhance blood flow in your body, boost your energy levels and optimise your health, from the inside out.

Why is this so important?

Because our entire health is dependent on the health of our cells and their ability to absorb nutrients and expel waste. When our cells are left unsupported, this ability diminishes with age. I

f this wasn’t enough, we all now exist in an environment packed full of unnaturally high frequencies, which create a hostile and stressful environment for our cells. And, with the introduction of 5G, it is only going to get worse, further disrupting our cell function and challenging our health.

With PEMF therapy, we can help protect our cells from the unnatural environment around us, and maintain our well-being. Everyday.

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Introducing the world’s only six dimensional wellness system, and the most advanced PEMF system ever created.

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iMRS Prime Devices & Applicators

iMRS Prime Control Unit


The iMRS Prime Control unit serves as the stylish hub of the system, with its brushed aluminium design reminiscent of the Apple iMac. It is also impressively simple to use, benefitting from intuitive touch screen controls and layout, from which the systems vast array of functions can be easily accessed and controlled. In fact, thanks to the addition of 7 fast start PEMF programs, you can start benefiting from using the iMRS Prime within minutes. The control unit is future proofed too, with the latest firmware easily installed via its USB ports connectivity as it becomes available.


  • Stylish brushed aluminium finish.
  • 10.2“ touch screen Display.
  • Two 3.5mm earphone jacks.
  • Two USB ports (for system upgrades).
  • Single cable connection to the Connector Box.
  • LED-Power indication.
  • Two built-in internal speakers.
iMRS Prime Connector Box


The new iMRS Prime connector box is designed to keep the control unit free of unwanted cables, with just a single cable connecting the two. Its clever design allows for connection of up to six applicators and two sensors, which now allows for two separate applicators to be running at any one time. This means that two users can enjoy the many benefits of PEMF therapy at the same time, from a single control unit. The connector box features the same stylish titanium brushed aluminium finish, and now uses medical grade connectors for superior quality and reliability.


  • Internal microprocessor allowing for multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Six PEMF applicator connection ports.
  • Two Sensor connection ports (for two Exagon Sense devices).
  • Two USB ports (for two Exagon Brain devices).
  • Two integrated Digital to Analogue converters, allowing for two simultaneous PEMF applications with the use of a single control unit.
  • Stylish brushed aluminium finish.
Exagon Mat


The main iMRS Prime applicator is the full length Exagon mat applicator. It measures 170cm x 59cm, with a thickness of 4.5cm. The mat applicator contains three pairs of superior quality copper coils, designed specifically to provide a magnetic field strength that is strongest at the feet and weakest at the head, just as your body would expect it to be. 

The PEMF mat applicator delivers earth based frequencies including the Schumann Resonance, which intelligently change throughout the day in accordance with the in-built organ clock. It uses a triple sawtooth waveform, with a PEMF signal intensity of up to 45 microTesla.


The quality of the mat applicator far surpasses all other PEMF mat applicators we have previously tested. It is made from embossed dark grey material for greater comfort, can be easily cleaned and disinfected when required, and is strong and durable. The mat applicator features another new addition to the iMRS series; a handy LED indicator light to indicate the change in polarity of the PEMF field as it occurs every two minutes (from green to blue) and to indicate if a fault has occurred (red).

 Folding into three sections, the body mat can be easily stored or kept out of the way. It can also be transported via the optional iMRS Prime carry bag. The new hybrid version of the body mat takes things to another level, adding carbon fibre Far Infra-Red technology, for an unrivalled relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Exagon Mat


The Exagon Spot applicator is the most powerful iMRS Prime applicator, perfectly designed to wrap around the peripheral joints of the arms or legs, for a localised PEMF healing application. The spot can also be very effectively used on the jaw and face, on acupressure points, or localised problem areas, and can very often dramatically improve the healing response in these areas.

The spot features two opposable pads, each containing a tightly wound copper coil. When the spot is wrapped around a problem area of the body, the PEMF signal is doubled in strength between the pads, forming an homogeneous electromagnetic field for maximum healing effect within the tissues. This is known as the Helmholtz effect. The spot uses the same effective square waveform as the Exagon Pad, but has a much stronger maximum PEMF signal (up to 120 microTesla). 

The spot measures 32cm x 14cm, with a thickness of 3cm, and is available as part of the top four iMRS Prime packages.


Exagon Sense


If you are using PEMF therapy to help overcome stress and anxiety, the Exagon Sense is a must have accessory. When worn on the finger during a PEMF session, the Sense analyses your body’s own resilience levels using sophisticated biofeedback technology and then intelligently adapts the PEMF field to the most appropriate settings for your body’s needs. It does this using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, which is the gold standard of stress measurement. Not only that, but this personalised data can then be stored for up to a year on the iMRS Prime system, and analysed using software from the HRV industry leader, Kubios.
With the exagon sense you can discover how well your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is able to respond to the stresses of life, and how this varies with the different challenges that you face. Most importantly, you will also be able to observe how this improves over time in response to PEMF therapy, and any other modality you may be using along with this, such as functional medicine, physical therapy or exercise.
As well as analysing your autonomic nervous system, the Exagon Sense also measures your blood oxygen levels, specifically the oxygen saturation levels in your red blood cells. Why is this so important? Because your cells and tissues depend on a good supply of oxygen in order to be healthy. And if this level drops too far, there can be serious consequences for your health. The Exagon Sense displays your blood oxygen as a percentage; A normal reading is between 95-100%, whilst below 90% is considered low. PEMF therapy can help to optimise blood flow, reduce red blood cell clumping (known as the Rouleaux effect), and enhance microcirculation to your tissues. And with the Exagon sense, not only will you be able to monitor your blood oxygen levels, you will also be able to observe how this responds to PEMF therapy over time.
Exagon Pad


The iMRS Prime Exagon Pad applicator is supplied with every iMRS Prime package and is most effective when used after a full body mat session. The Exagon pad is ideal for local application of PEMF therapy to the areas that need it most; such as tense back and shoulder muscles, inflamed tissue, arthritic joints or injuries to bone, tendon or cartilage. It can also be incredibly effective in supporting the function of our organs and bodily systems; such as the digestive system, nervous system and circulatory system. 

The pad measures 58cm x 34cm, with a thickness of 4cm, and features two tightly wound copper coils similar to the body mat. But the pad applicator delivers a higher intensity PEMF signal (up to 65 microTesla) using a square waveform, shown through research (T J Goodwin 2003) to be especially effective at promoting tissue repair.

Product Specifications


11-12kg – Based on iMRS Prime Hybrid ( pictured right)


iMRS Prime Control Unit
iMRS Prime Connector Box
iMRS Prime Exagon Mat
iMRS Prime Exagon Pad
iMRS Prime Exagon Spot
iMRS Prime Hybrid System
iMRS Prime Hybrid System

Technical Specs

Power Requirements:100 – 240v AC. auto-adjusting.
Field Intensities:0.09 to 65 microTesla (0.65 gauss) on the mat and pad. Up to 120 mT (1.3 gauss) with the spot applicator.
Frequency Range:0.1 to 32 Hz.
Bio-rhythms:0.5Hz, 3Hz, 7,5Hz, 15Hz.
Waveforms:Sawtooth on Exagon mat, Square Wave on Exagon pad and spot applicators.
Polarity:Switches every 120 seconds.

The iMRS prime system is not currently licensed or certified as a medical device. The system is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any particular disease or a symptom of disease.