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What is the iMRS PEMF Mat System?

The iMRS PEMF mat system is the world leading PEMF device for home use, with the potential to deliver many possible health benefits. It is best described as a low level PEMF system, with an intensity range from approximately 0.2 microTesla up to around 65 microTesla ( 0.65 Gauss ) for the whole body PEMF application.

The PEMF frequency of the iMRS PEMF mat system is divided into four ranges, between 0.5 – 25 HZ ( Morning, Noon, Evening, Night ). These frequencies are all within the scope of important naturally occurring values, including the Schumann resonances, earth magnetic field properties and brainwave frequency patterns.

iMRS Prime Control Unit

The latest advances in PEMF


7 Reasons to Choose the iMRS PEMF Therapy Mat

1. Earth based Frequency and Intensity

The PEMF technology within the iMRS uses only earth-based and brainwave state frequencies between 0.5-25Hz. The PEMF intensity also mimics the natural field strength range that has surrounded us as we have evolved as a species. Both the frequency and intensity settings operate within an optimum ‘biological window’, which research has shown to be the safest and most suited for stimulating healing and repair.

2. Mirrors nature

Just as we experience with the Earth’s magnetic field, the iMRS system is designed to deliver an electromagnetic field that is stronger at the feet than at the head. Due to the precise configuration of the copper coils within the whole body applicator mat, the field strength is three times stronger at the feet than at the head. Unlike other devices which use wire mesh construction, the iMRS ensures a pure PEMF signal by using three pairs of high quality copper coils.

3. Biorhythm clock for self regulation

The iMRS family of systems are the only PEMF devices to feature a built in biorhythm clock, automatically delivering the right frequency for the time of day that you use the system. This ensures that you are bright and alert in the morning, ready for the day ahead, whilst calm and relaxed before bed, ready for sleep at night.

4. Research backed wave forms

The PEMF technology within the iMRS uses both square wave and saw tooth wave forms. Extensive research has shown these wave forms to be the best for stimulating healing and repair. The saw tooth wave form utilised by the whole body applicator mat, has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, whilst helping to promote natural healing processes within the body. The square wave form, utilised by the local pillow and probe applicators, has been shown by NASA to produce an anti-inflammatory effect, and to be most effective for stimulating tissue repair and regeneration.

5. Keeps the body responding

The advanced technology within the iMRS ensures that the body does not become acclimatised to the PEMF therapy.This is achieved through the combination of a complex varying pulsed waveform together with a reversal of polarity every two minutes, enabling continued long term benefits for those using the system.

6. Incredibly simple to use

The elegant yet simple design of the iMRS makes operating it a breeze for users of all ages. The optional iGUIDE available on the Professional model takes this further and includes a database of over 3000 settings, covering a number of different health conditions. The iMRS system is also easily upgradable via an SD card interface.

7. Manufactured by the world leaders

Swiss Bionic Solutions clearly stand out for their long and successful history in the PEMF industry. They are the only company with in-house research, engineering, development, and manufacturing divisions and have become world leaders through continuous innovation over nearly two decades, in the pursuit of producing a system perfectly suited to daily home use. The iMRS is that system.

The iMRS PEMF Mat Features

iMRS Control UnitControl unit

The stylish iMRS control unit is very simple to operate, with a crystal clear blue LCD display and easy touch buttons.
The iMRS is an ‘intelligent’ PEMF system and the control unit has a number of features which contribute to this;

  • PEMF timer control, allowing the user to set the desired PEMF session duration in 8 minute ( WellFit and Complete) or minute-by-minute
    ( Professional ) increments.
  • Applicator selection controls, allowing the user to effortlessly switch between iMRS applicators.
  • PEMF intensity control, which allows the user to easily set the desired PEMF intensity level.
  • An integrated biorhythm organ clock, which automatically selects the correct frequency to suit the time of day that you are using the system. This can also be manually adjusted to suit the requirements of the user.
  • 3 programable memory buttons, giving the iMRS system the capacity to create and store personal settings for up to 3 users.
  • SD card interface, enabling iMRS system and accessory upgrades.
  • Three applicator sockets at the rear of the unit for each of the iMRS applicators, along with connecting ports for the optional iMRS accessories ( iSLRS and iMORE ).
  • An iGUIDE database, of PEMF session intensity and duration presets for 250 health conditions, with bespoke settings for each of the three iMRS applicators ( Professional ).

iMRS Body Mat ApplicatorThe BodyMat Applicator

The BodyMat applicator is constructed with 6 premium quality copper coils, which deliver a triple sawtooth PEMF waveform. It is intelligently designed to deliver a graduated PEMF intensity, such that the greatest intensity is at the feet and weakest at the head, mimicking our exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field.
The maximum PEMF intensity for the BodyMat applicator is 32 microTesla ( WellFit ) and 45 microTesla ( Complete and Professional ). The BodyMat can be folded in an ‘s’ formation for easy storage and portability.

iMRS Pillow ApplicatorThe Pillow Applicator

The pillow applicator features a pair of uniformly wound copper coils generating two symmetrical electromagnetic fields, delivering a square PEMF waveform. The maximum PEMF intensity for the Pillow applicator is 40 microTesla (WellFit) and 65 microTesla ( Complete and Professional ). The pillow applicator is perfectly suited for localised application to areas of pain or dysfunction.

iMRS Probe ApplicatorThe Probe Applicator

The iMRS Probe applicator produces the highest intensity signal of all the iMRS applicators, with a maximum PEMF intensity of 300 microTesla. The Probe is ideal for addressing acute pain and localised areas of injury or dysfunction.