Why Are PEMF Machines So Expensive?
Why Are PEMF Machines So Expensive?

Why Are PEMF Machines So Expensive?

PEMF devices vary greatly in cost from a few hundred pounds, up to in excess of twenty thousand. As a result, many people ask why are PEMF machines so expensive?

They also vary greatly in quality, design, application and the PEMF parameters they use. Some are designed for home use, like the PEMF family of our chosen system; the iMRS. Others are intended for practitioner use only. At Samuel Maddock Health, when we test PEMF devices, we are particularly interested two components;

1. The PEMF parameters being used – This particularly refers to the PEMF frequency, intensity and waveform being used. Foe example, there is a world of difference between a PEMF device for home use that uses very low level parameters to create cellular resonance effects, and a high powered PEMF that is designed to override the body’s physiology to bring about a desired response. Both have their place, but the difference in cost can be vast and the reasons for using each type of system are very different.

2. The value for money – What do you get for your money? Are the marketing claims backed up by the potential of the system? Is the device manufactured by a company with an established reputation for quality and reliability? Is it backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty? The list goes on.

A quality PEMF system should be manufactured by a company with an established reputation. The device should apply PEMF parameters that are based on research findings, not a ‘brand’ message. And once the system is purchased, the user should receive the full training and support they require to gain maximum benefit. A PEMF therapy device is an investment in you well-being.

Why PEMF Therapy is a smart investment in your long term well-being

A question I am asked by some of my clients is

‘Why are PEMF machines so expensive?’

Choosing a PEMF machine can be difficult
Choosing a PEMF machine can be difficult

And I personally understand their question because it is exactly what I asked myself over 7 years ago, when as a healthcare professional and health technology researcher, I was preparing to purchase my first PEMF device. What I discovered then, and how I answer that question now, is that it is entirely about the value you place on our health and well-being.

A high quality PEMF system is certainly an investment in your well-being. It is not an impulse purchase. But then again, if we are serious about protecting our longer term health, should we be looking at an impulse purchase in the first place? Surely, what is much more likely to offer us true value, is a long term solution.

And PEMF therapy is exactly that. A long term health investment. One that you take only if and when you are convinced that it can offer you daily value over the next 5 years, 10 years, and many more.

And that investment decision only comes after you feel understood and listened to. I know this, because it was exactly what I was looking for. And it is exactly what I have learned my clients are looking for, having successfully introduced PEMF therapy to many many hundreds of clients from all around the globe, each of them looking to make a carefully considered, long term investment.

This is why I take pride in listening carefully, taking the time to really understand the needs of my clients, and offering the eduction and support that they require in order to make the right decision for their health and well-being.

It is very interesting to note that the clients that ask me this question almost always go on to benefit greatly from using PEMF therapy. Because they have made a carefully considered, proactive decision regarding their long term health. And that is exactly what I would encourage all of my clients to do. 

What Are The Comparative Costs of a PEMF Device?

These are the sums I did when I was working out the comparative cost of a high quality PEMF device for home use, such as the Omnium1 2.0.

We spend a lot more than we realise on our health…

Research has shown that on average we each spend an eye watering £38,000 during our lifetime in an attempt to get fit and look after our health. For example, hidden retirement village fees are a notorious set back to this way of living retirement life. Research indicating that they can add £18,000 a year onto the cost. Unused gym memberships also add up, and cost the average Briton £429 per year. For absolutely nothing in return.

PEMF Machine Comparative costs:

NB: Only one of these will be protecting your well-being. 

  • Omnium1 2.0 System: – The world’s leading PEMF therapy device for home use. (Remember, your entire family can benefit from using the same system…).
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Omnium1 2.0 PEMF Device For Home Use

Five year investment = £2500. This equates to £500 per year. £1.38 per day.

  • Daily Cappuccino: – Research shows we spend on average £608.84 per person each year on our caffeine hit.

Five year cost = £3044.20. £608.84 per year. £1.66 per day.

  • Daily Smoking: We all know the risks of this one, but do you know the costs?

Five year cost (pack of 20 per day) = £23,232.25. £4,646.45 per year. £12.73 per day.

So, why are PEMF machines so expensive? A good PEMF device is a serious investment in your health and well-being. At Samuel Maddock Health, we specialise in top quality and great value for money PEMF devices for home use. If you are yet to experience the benefits of PEMF therapy, spend your money wisely and  start protecting your well-being today.